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    1 matches comment Hi guys! I am in desperate need of someone who could help me categorizing all of the fonts... About 2000 of them are categorized but most of the 10,000 fonts are just placed in the categories in alpha order. I would really like to have an individual(s) who would go through the uncategorized fonts and assign them to different, predefined categories i know it is a lot to ask, but i will even pay some money of someone will do that for me
    5 matches comment ok, I'm gonna stop trying to be nice now ;) I will just let you guys help from the bottom of your heart without any monetary appreciation. I do agree with Kane though. I am not saying it is mandatory to tip, but some people are not broke students like me and they can afford giving you a couple of bucks just for saving them 2 hours of their time which is worth $150/hr to them. But i also understand kat and tornquist, it's nice to be nice. Thanks you guys once again, you keep people happy and make people come back because this site was more than just about making money. ( of course it'd be nice if it would help me pay for tution ;) )
    1 matches comment Hi all, I was wondering if there are any fonts, either free or pay, that resemble money. I found one, money shot, which I really like. :) But I was wondering if there were any that looked like, ex. dollar bills folded and shaped to resemble letters. I think a font like that would be cool. If it weren't so complicated I might even try it. thanx in advance! :) Lynda V.E.
    1 matches comment Hey Joss is this for commercial use?. I really need it for a layout I'm making, (I'm not really making money off it, but i usually only use commercial use ones just in case something money making occurs? LOL)
    1 matches comment Well, kkat - I think I mentioned this to you as well: I'm using a Russian program called FontDetect (part of FontMassive bundle freeware). It is pretty stable and accurate, the problem is that I don't think I will be downloading the WHOLE abstractfonts or Dafont.com...that's why I asked Alex if it's possible to have feature such as WTF with abstractfonts. Plus, with FontDetect you have to temporary load the fonts in order to get their bitmaps and compare the stroke with the image in question. Plus, I think that such feature will generate even more traffic to our site, making more money for Alex from Google AdSense - not that I'm implying that he can quit his daily job and move to Costa Rica :)
    1 matches comment Hmm, I have seen this very same post on two threads of a SitePoint forum. Maybe because I posted there? Blackmail? That is an interesting approach from a fraud. Blackmail? Did I threaten to make known something that is not already known to everyone? That is not already in the public domain? Wrong again UF. You paid for posts. My posts on Abstractfonts were used for that. Thus ... Now did I ask for money for me? Nope. Yet when my posts are used commercially without me being asked and therefore without my consent, you, the one that pays for posts, owe money. In a commercial channel I have valued my posts at 50 Euro per post (a bargain!). You, and everybody else, can count the number of posts that I submitted to Abstractfonts forum have been used. The multiplication is rather simple but I'll explain: number of posts used times 50 Euro. Got that? No. I did not want that money for myself. I asked you to transfer that money to a charity, Anidan.org. I don't need your money. I would not even touch it. But they, Anidan.org, DO. And they wil happily accept it. So be a real he-man and pay your dues. For your information: your fake posts on the vBadvanced forum have been deleted to 'remove spam links'.
    2 matches comment [quote]@UrbanFonts:This person koeiekat is trying to blackmail me and has already asked me for money for something I didn't do. The story in a nutshell: I hired a company to promote my site and they spammed some forums and copied part of the abstractfonts.com forum. Everything was deleted and addressed as soon as I found out. I'm an honest individual and I'd never do anything like this. As soon as I was informed of the problem, I deleted this. With regards to the content, it was developed completely independently from asbtractfonts.com Most free font sites would have similar font content, categories, etc. All fonts distributed are free - i do not charge any money for this.[/quote] yes the contact info you have is correct, please dont post it, i dont post yours. please list the defamatory statements.
    1 matches comment $59 may seem a lot of money, sure. But if you consider how small the market is for these type of fonts and how much work is involved in making a font with so many alternates the price is understandable. And I found no real alternative. If you can live with less - for less money - have a look at the script fonts of Three Islands Press. Freebees of this quality? No luck. But I may very well be wrong.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11654 Nick Curtis doesn't mind being in that position. One day, take a look at all "his" fonts... Afterall, it takes a lot of money to go after one person for one font...
    2 matches comment Thanks for the information, but the font Bauer Bodoni is a commerical font, and it costs money. Does anyone know of any sites where I can just download it?

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