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    3 matches comment I was hoping someone could ID the font the Ducks use for their logo. Here's a picture:
    2 matches comment Clever ducks over there in Oregon! pict B/W 200x200 pse
    2 matches comment THE MIGHTY KOEIEKAT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!! Where have you been - I'm a bit tired of font recognitions :)
    1 matches comment ! Does anyone know the university of oregon ducks font. I like it, its pretty cool, but i dont think this site has it. Anyone who could foind it, that would be great.
    1 matches comment Thanks Ivan, Rotation is mighty close as well! Only let down by the lower case j. It seems to be a mix between rotation and utopia. I know companies come up with custom fonts for themselves, but I though just maybe the font would be commercially available.
    1 matches comment ? Ok we have them, some of us even have mighty little sony ericsson phone in our pockets, so i wonder what font are they using for the logo
    1 matches comment uploaded image Need help to ID Ducks Font
    1 matches comment wow now i am ever to belivew that there is a internet fairy at work passed on the info to oxygen or our all mighty leader Da Man Alex is at work. good job alex or whom ever invited Oxyegen to the forum it shows you that the big boys are also willing to help us font-a-holics in time of need. I am way impressed much respect I will be on this forum for life :) BiG keep on fonting
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15023 Latest fan-based font created to look like the title sequence from the latest Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes TV series on Disney XD I created this for my 5 year old son who loves Super-Heroes. I was never happy with this so for the latest version that is completely redrawn, kerned and embeddable for commercial use please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2dH5zik
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14101 well shucks ummmm that's mighty kind of you... though... totally unnecessary,i wasn't on another nutshell-nutcase tirade :P i do have much to learn but i would say that amongst new font-designers (makers would be a more fitting term for most) like my fellow dafont-top100-alumni for example, to my own surprise i think i am actually one of a few that are even the slightest bit interested in typography and it's digital crafting. Phew! that was a run-on! And of course this excludes typographic geniuses such as Manfred Klein, or Dieter Steffmann to name a few such greats whom also frequent the same list. This observation about my would be peers isn't a bad thing either, just something i have noticed. my point... has nothing to do with that either. basically.. i didn't mean to deter future words of wisdom and what not. alex, ivan, koeiekat and schwalbenkoenig, all of you are quite knowledgeable,(m dash here) quiet, quite knowledgeable in the areas of type/typefaces/typography. i hope you don't mind me here on your forum. matter o fact, this might be the only "forum" i frequent and post in. tee hee. sooooooooooooo..........thanks... sorry for the long post and it's many tangents, it was put on hold several times by my sweet daughter :P Cheerio!

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