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    11 matches comment Does anyone know the name of this font?
    4 matches comment Can anybody tell me what font this is?
    1 matches comment Can be one of many but Rays Cafe Solid looks close enough.
    2 matches comment HELP!!! I have some shirts to print for a client and they gave me extremely crappy artwork and I need to find out what font this is in....
    1 matches comment Balker.
    1 matches comment Can you identify this font?
    1 matches comment Hi, I have recently been in Madrid, Spain, where I saw a lot of use of the 'depraved' font (see 3d fonts) for cafe and shop signs, but obviously in its clean form. Does anybody out there know where I can find the clean version? My eyes hurt from so much searching.... Any pointers would be very much appreciated. I want to use it for some publicity and nothing else will do, as all font buffs will understand. Cheers, Nick
    1 matches comment Tu Cafe= Snell Roundhand Angeles= Eurostile Cuadros = Bank Gothic jima= don’t know, maybe lettered …

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