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    15 matches comment I am looking for a free download to the Magneto font, or one that is similiar to it
    2 matches comment Please help me find Magneto Cheap or Free! I Need it for my buisness logo. I had it in word but not with my new computer in publisher.
    1 matches comment Magneto Bold.
    1 matches comment KKat, the Cars-font is Magneto. But I am certain YOU DID know that before. K.R., if you want a serious answer in forums like this: Always provide a picture because our telepathy mode is low on energy these days. And seriously I don't know a similar font to Magneto in 3D-style. OK, try Deftone Stylus for a start and add 3D-effects. Or take this vector-art. And greetings to your pupils.
    3 matches comment Hey Friends am looking for these fonts. plzz some one help me . Informal Roman Magneto PT Banana Split
    1 matches comment Magneto and Bank Gothic, Gary.
    1 matches comment You are after the Magneto Bold.
    1 matches comment Not really messed with. just stretched a bit, the Magneto Bold.
    1 matches comment My bad, I rather meant to advise, Magneto.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi All, What about MAGNETO, it´s DAMN close, there are 4 different types on here Damian

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