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    1 matches comment And, for the body type, that depends entirely on the fonts installed. The style sheet used mumbles Lucida Grande", Verdana, Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif and later on Trebuchet MS", Arial, Myriad, sans-serif. As most people won't have the Lucida grande installed they will probably see the Verdana and the Trebuchet.
    1 matches comment Thanks for the nice info; I ended up using Lucida Grande; I don't have Corel anyway.
    2 matches comment Mutilated Lucida Handwritting
    2 matches comment Hi guys! Anyone have Lucida Casual? I bought a font package online tonight, but dont think I can wait on this one. I would appreciate it! Thanks Smiley
    1 matches comment We are looking at Lucida Handwriting. And we don't share commercial fontfiles. If you don't have it, buy it. Have a nice day.
    1 matches comment Lucida Handwriting for the script.
    1 matches comment Lucida-calligraphy/italic ... that was an easy one.
    1 matches comment Total Property is the Apple Textile, a Mac system font. For PC it is the Lucida Big Casual.
    1 matches comment Okay - here goes. The font you ar looking out seems to be Lucida Sans Type EF BOld with Lucida Sans Type EF Bold Italic for the "R." Note, someone decided it was "design" to flop the y. So voila! now by jove, you've got it...
    1 matches comment Font name is Lucida Handwriting

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    El Grande
    Rio Grande NF
    Rancho Grande
    Grande Guignol Complete Family Pack
    Grande Parade JNL
    El Grande Regular
    Rio Grande WBW Regular
    Dead Mule-Grande
    Dead Mule Grande
    Rio Grande Grade
    Lucida Bold
    Lucida Italic
    Lucida Roman
    Lucida Bold
    Lucida Bright
    Lucida Cond
    Lucida Italic
    Lucida EF Bold
    Lucida EF Italic
    Lucida EF Roman
    Lucida Bold Italic
    Lucida Bla T
    Lucida Cas D
    Lucida Sans
    Lucida Typ M
    Lucida Bold Italic
    Lucida Bright Demi
    Lucida Bright Italic
    Lucida Cond Bold
    Lucida Cond Italic
    Lucida Blackletter EF
    Lucida Calligraphy EF
    Lucida Handwriting EF
    Lucida Typewriter EF
    Lucida EF Bold Italic
    Lucida Cal T Italic
    Lucida Cas D Italic
    Lucida Fax Demi
    Lucida Fax Italic
    Lucida Fax Roman
    Lucida Han T Italic
    Lucida Math Extension
    Lucida Math Italic
    Lucida Math Symbol
    Lucida Sans Bold
    Lucida Sans Bold
    Lucida Sans Demi
    Lucida Sans Italic
    Lucida Sans Italic
    Lucida Sans Narrow
    Lucida Sans Roman
    Lucida Typ M Bold
    Lucida Typewriter Std
    Lucida Bright Demi Italic
    Lucida Cond Bold Italic
    Lucida Small Caps Roman
    Lucida Blackletter EF Dfr
    Lucida Bright EF Italic
    Lucida Bright EF Roman
    Lucida Casual EF Italic
    Lucida Casual EF Roman
    Lucida Fax EF Italic
    Lucida Fax EF Roman
    Lucida Mono EF Bold
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    Lucida Sans EF Bold
    Lucida Sans EF Italic
    Lucida Sans EF Roman
    Lucida Sans Type EF
    Lucida Typewriter EF Bold
    Lucida Typewriter EF Oblique
    Lucida Fax Demi Italic
    Lucida Sans Bold Italic
    Lucida Sans Bold Italic
    Lucida Sans Demi Italic
    Lucida Sans Narrow Demi
    Lucida Sans Narrrow Italic
    Lucida Typewriter Std-Bold
    Lucida Typewriter Std-Obl
    Lucida Bright Volume
    URW Lucida Volume
    Lucida Typewriter Volume
    Lucida Typewriter Volume
    Lucida Bright EF Demi Bold
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    Lucida Sans Type EF Bold
    Lucida Sans Type EF Obl
    Lucida Typewriter EF Bold Oblique
    Lucida Sans Narrow Demi Italic
    Lucida Typewriter Std-Bold Obl
    Lucida Sans Typewriter M Roman

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