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    1 matches comment view details for free font #11985 Quote: "A full, all caps font based on a legendary design by Chank Diesel." www.k-type.com
    1 matches comment Aaaaah thankyou man! That's legendary kindness! :oD I tried looking in futuristic, classical, script, and a couple other categories for fonts, but never found it! Probably didn't recognise it because of the A in the font... had never seen one before :o) I'll be sure to post about your help in our news of the new website design coming along! If you want to see the design when it's done, our site should be up in it's new home in the next week :o)
    1 matches comment ? If someone could figure out what font is used in this legendary bob marley and the wailers logo i would be truley greatful [img]http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i181/dartpilx/BOBLOGO.jpg[/img]
    1 matches comment Hi there- Dementia is right: it is on DaFont (the legendary), and it's called LeAsterix. Hope that does ya! Sumptuously, -Trnquist
    1 matches comment :o :o [color=limegreen:a94fbad6fe]Okay kids when [/color:a94fbad6fe] [color=red:a94fbad6fe]YOURS TRULY[/color:a94fbad6fe] [color=limegreen:a94fbad6fe]has managed to disgn his legendary[/color:a94fbad6fe] [color=darkblue:a94fbad6fe]**DOOMS FONTS**[/color:a94fbad6fe] [color=limegreen:a94fbad6fe]how does your faveourite sooth sayer upload them for the love of toast?[/color:a94fbad6fe] :eek:
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