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    4 matches comment Thanks Neogray, this whole font thing is still pretty new to me even after 3 years. I am not familiar with Fontlab at all, The way it uses coding to kern and stuff is new to me as opposed to FontCreator being very easy to use. I've been able to preview St.Andrew on my PC, keep in mind the previewing is not really the important key here as compatibility is on operating systems. I'll try to find out if the OTF you've created works on MAC, I am grateful for your help so thank you. I actually don't know how to optimize fonts, I just know people like them if they have alot of detail especially with prints and clothing. At the same time the size is also making it difficult to even view or open. Koeiekat I don't know what you mean by these "megabytes" things being useless, the font size is only large because of the detail that each glyph has. Computers are capable of opening large font files and if I lose detail in the fonts then that defeats the purpose of their creation.
    1 matches comment I am making a scrapbook for my daughter's wedding and I need a VERY LARGE font. I need something about 3 to 4 inches tall. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thank you......PatBart
    3 matches comment The dates are in 04b. The rest of the text might just be either Photoshop Small or Photoshop Large.
    3 matches comment ! Hi everyone, I'm looking for the font after the large L in the logo of this company. Leclede Community Credit Union The "U" is the letter that is unique to anything that I have. Thanks for your help... Karman
    2 matches comment Since you guys are SO smart with font id's, I thought some of you might be helpful in other areas as well. I am currently using yousendit.com to send larger files that I can't send over email. It is acting really weird for me today and I was wondering if anyone knew of another free website that I can do the same with. Thanks for your help! Nicole :-)
    1 matches comment And right you are again. See, when it comes to large numbers I easily get confused.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11470 kanji, large file
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11970 Have fun, best at LARGE sizes.
    1 matches comment Looks very close to the Bookman Old Style just on quite a large skew or slant to the right... Just need to tweek the font a bit... Thats what i would do.
    1 matches comment You mean that enormous script? No. I guess not. Unless you have a very large beer-belly. That is very «ouch» and possibly larger.

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