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    12 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15139 AgKaulitzHolmanSixx
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14800 Hi Is it allowed to use this font as a webfont in a commercial website (with @fontface)? I cannot find any information on the licence of this font. Thanks Rene
    1 matches comment There are different traditions connected with weddings, and this is one. Yes, the individual doled out to the blessing table stays there and watches the endowments. Yes, there are individuals who go to weddings, who spruce up in a suit, who come into them, and exit with the card box. They spruce up to mix in, then take. Furthermore, yes, there is different undertakings with the employment. One is to arrive to "get" the endowments, the lady can not arrive herself, so you are the lady's illustrative. You grin, you say things like 'goodness, isn't that lovely! Jeannie will like that, it's pink!" "Thank you!" It is simply great behavior. Furthermore, you don't go and eat. You stay there. You have somebody extremely capable, similar to you're mother, watch things for you while you go fill your plate, yet believe me, you are eating near or at the blessing tables. On the other hand even better, have somebody settle a plate for you. http://www.topwedding.co.uk/prom-dresses-uk
    1 matches comment I've seen that. It was a softcore photograph of a young Asian lady. No fonts anywhere.
    2 matches comment Hey All, Just looking to see if there is anybody out there in the font forum that could help me locate and obtain the Barbie styled font. Any help would be much appreciated. Have A Good Day :D :D Lady Ra
    1 matches comment Your customers might be shocked by the price tag or you might end up a happy lady. I guess the first.
    1 matches comment Can somebody help please? The lady that put the tutorial said is Acrop.and also Acropolis, but I found acropolis and is nowhere close to the look. Please tell me the name and if possible where to find it.I can purchase it if is commercial. thank you
    1 matches comment Hello Ray,I only find out lastnight after I posted,I finnally asked the lady,who write the tut,what font it was and she told me,before anyone elase,and I only requested it once,I didn't know,other ppl had anwered me,but this reply. I am also new here,and maybe not quite sure how to use this idenify thing,sorry if I annoyed you,I will make sure it never happends again. Thanks! Diamond*
    1 matches comment Hi everyone! I'm new here and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me find the name of two fonts. I'm filling an order for a lady and I need them today. They are found at www.kimberleysspa.com. I need to know the two fonts in the header of the site. Thanks in advance!!!!!!
    1 matches comment Sorry for jumping into this discussion but this is as Geofff said a tricky one. The only one I can find that comes a bit close is Matthew Welch's College. No perfect match though, look at the serifs at the R. I also have doubts about the 2002. Looks to me like a totally different type - rounded corners. And then of course there is the conflict with the ampersand. But as this seems to be a weird mix anyway who cares to throw in another font to make it look like the example. To me the ampersand looks like the one in 'Lady Ice - Expanded'. But to keep in style with the College you might as well use the ampersand of the 'Featured Item'. If your client has a better sample we can try again.

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