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    5 matches comment I want Hindi Stylish Fonts for DTP work. Help !
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 as a moderator, you have access to http://dev.abstractfonts.com/ Check it out and let me know if the dynamic images show up for you. You might have to open the details for one of the fonts and resave the preview text so it remembrs it for dev.af let me know if you have any difficulties
    4 matches comment Hmm, never heard of a font like that. But you may want to think about taking a font with a "sliced zero" and take it for an u/c O. Some fonts which have this are: Dev Gothic Labtop Lane-family interesting typeface ... Micro Mieps-family Street Street-Corner Maybe that helps.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Does anyone know why this happens and what i need to do to fix this.
    1 matches comment down load Belphebe this is a font called belphebe and can be found on this website take a look at the pic and let me know. and the link to down load it is above [img:5d8c94a551]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/759.gif[/img:5d8c94a551] BiG:D Keep on fonting
    1 matches comment i'm looking for a font that could be used to evoke the image of india. Caliph could work but it's a bit arabic rather than hindi.
    1 matches comment Help- why is winzip taking so long to load?
    1 matches comment Hi, I have a Plotter Canon W6200 and I load often type of paper: photographic paper, common paper, adhesive paper.. But every time I load a new roll, it cut a piece. I see instructions but don't show the way to avoid it. Is there a way to avoid automatic cut at loading? Thanks __________________ Original gift ideas for every occasion! (idee regalo for italian language).
    2 matches comment I'm running OS X.4.11 . . . Where does one find "Suitcase"?? I like to have a happy system!! I think the font I was trying to find and load was "Hancock". I need to match up a logo . . . but that was way back last week and my memory is not as good as it once was - haha!
    1 matches comment Hi there font friend I see you like Solid Line is it NOX or Noxtious or something like that i think any way the font you need is called Yaren it took some time finding but hey i did it. Its made by iconian and a link to the page to down load it is below, take a look around the site its got some cool fonts and you can make up a new clan banner or such and not just settle for 04B cool font but limited. How I know so much is the secret of BiG LoL page to down load font iconian fonts home page BiG:cool:

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