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    10 matches comment but ... is the Kat happy?
    9 matches comment Kat - Glad to see you are alive and well... And though I am a dog person - I have one little Lucy cat in the house now...
    5 matches comment Hi Kat, thanks for the rescue! Been really busy of late (And been clever as well, ID'ing fonts!. But not that clever!) Sunny enough for you today down where you are? Its hot here in old Alicante province! Once again, thanks Kat. Have a good evening Regards Gary
    6 matches comment I don't think I would get myself in such trouble for something that is just boring ... but then, I am just the Kat ...
    3 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? I trust not tooooo hot! No sorry thats all I have. (I know its a bad image! but all I was given)Clients eh! Many thanks Kat Regards Gary
    5 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? I trust that your well. Yes! Regards Gary
    5 matches comment Thanks for the first bit Heron, as with you the Howards was the one that was getting me. No cigar today for either of us! I wonder if the Kat will know this one? Regards Gary
    3 matches comment Ivan, Kirk still sucks. Is too lazy to find the font in the dept. And although Kirk sucks he can't make me angry. Maybe he can make The Kat think that The Kat is upset. In that case he'd better first get to know about them claws ...
    2 matches comment Thanks Kat, the client told me it was something that it was not! which is typical! I do appreciate your help with this one Kat Regards Gary
    2 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? trust that your well. (Have not 'seen you' for ages!) 1st:- Just picked up emails 2nd:-sorry I dont have better image 3rd:- Thanks for ID, looks like you get the Catnip pasty! That was easy, all done in one reply! Once again Kat many thanks Kind Regards Gary

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    Kat Rakos . Nils von Blanc external .

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    Kat Tail HMK Complete Family Pack
    Kat Tail HMK Bold
    Kat Tail HMK Regular
    Herr Von Muellerhoff
    Mrs Von Eckley
    Herr Von Muellerhoff Regular
    Mrs Von Eckley Regular
    Diode Black
    Nofret BE
    Nofret BQ
    Quench® Bold
    Quench® Italic
    Diotima® Italic
    Diotima® Roman
    Ariadne® Roman
    Christiana BE Volume
    Christiana BQ Volume
    Nofret BE Volume
    Nofret BQ Volume
    Opal™ Bold
    Opal™ Italic
    Opal™ Regular
    Opal™ Script
    Smaragd™ Regular
    Pixelville Regular
    Spazorific Regular
    Whutevur Regular
    Brevia Bold
    Brevia Black
    Brevia Complete
    Brevia Light
    Brevia Medium
    Brevia Semibold
    Brevia UltraBlack
    ITC Chino™ Regular
    Diotima® Classic 1 Value Pack
    Diotima® Classic 2 Value Pack
    Diotima® Roman OsF
    ITC Chino™ Black
    ITC Chino™ Bold
    ITC Chino™ Italic
    ITC Chino™ Light
    ITC Chino™ Medium
    Odilia Regular
    Klint™ Rounded Black
    Klint™ Rounded Light
    Klint™ Rounded Medium
    Klint™ Rounded Regular
    Ariadne Diotima Volume
    Calligraphic 810 Italic
    Calligraphic 810 Roman
    FF Basic Gothic 1 Volume
    FF Basic Gothic 2 Volume
    FF Basic Gothic Black
    FF Basic Gothic Bold
    FF Basic Gothic Book
    FF Basic Gothic Light
    FF Basic Gothic Medium
    FF Basic Gothic Regular
    Embryo Regular
    FF Basic Gothic Collection
    Klint™ Family Value Pack
    Opal™ Selection Value Pack
    ITC Chino Volume One
    ITC Chino Volume Three
    ITC Chino Volume Two
    Brevia Basic Pack
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    Brandon Grotesque Medium
    Klint™ Rounded Bold
    Opal™ Complete Family Value Pack
    Brandon Grotesque Bold
    Brandon Grotesque Thin
    Klint™ Rounded Family Pack
    Brandon Grotesque Black
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    Embryo Open Regular
    FF Basic Gothic Black Italic
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    FF Basic Gothic Light Italic
    FF Basic Gothic Medium Italic
    FF Basic Gothic Regular Italic
    ITC Chino™ Display Thin
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    ITC Chino™ Display Volume
    ITC Chino™ Text Volume
    Klint Condensed Family Value Pack
    Klint Extended Family Value Pack
    Cheap Pine Regular
    Cheap Pine Sans
    Cheap Pine Shadow
    Klint Basic Family Value Pack
    Brandon Grotesque Black Italic

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