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    1 matches comment I HAVE to have this font.....it is what Juicy Couture uses and I love it! Any help out there?
    2 matches comment theirs a few fonts im in need of for custom messaging.. does any one know where i can buy any of the following..or does anyone hae acess and ill pay you for them.. M.L.B the simpsons "MOVIE" part etchasketch nike sb juicy coutoure if anyone does please please help me...name your price and respond if possible thankyou so much
    2 matches comment Hi, I run Dirt2.com (my fonts are available here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/designer/412/Dirt2) I have a problem with operating systems though, I can't figure out how to make some fonts work on Mac. I use FontLab and FontCreator and there's two fonts in particular that will not work on Mac. When you save fonts in FontCreator they don't seem to work in Mac for me, I don't understand why but I tried exporting the font in Fontlab and it has worked for some fonts. The fonts I am trying to work with are: http://dirt2.com/2009/06/juicy-hunt/ http://dirt2.com/2009/04/st-andrew/ Any help is appreciated. Andrew2
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