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    2 matches comment Full Moon BT in the Black Cherry weight probably.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12703 A full version of this font with a full character set will bbe available sometime in early 2008. Some additional work will be done to the letter 'g' glyph. Here's a glyph that I couldn't use in the font, because it exceeded the memory limits in my font making program.
    1 matches comment I am looking for a shareware or demo verson of one of the Gibbon/Traynor fonts such as Rustling Branches, Black Cherry Moon or Full Moon - will probably buy the full blown BT version later but wanted to test fly a design first. Is there a shareware equivalent or a demo version?
    1 matches comment Found two that are the same as 66, but with a slightly more ornamental capital I. The Uechi Gothic - also known as the Chool Gothic -, or if you need the full character set the UechiGotisch) ?Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2000. All rights reserved. Designed by David Rakowski, 1992. Full character set added by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal.) ?1992 by D. Rakowski and an identical one to that, the DrPoDecorRu, ?1989 Alan N. Po, Ph.D.
    2 matches comment It's not quite clear to me how i'm to purchase a full font from this site. Could anyone explain exactly who i'm to donate money to for acertain font?
    2 matches comment I had a font (trial, not full version) in which the letters were made up of what looked like gears and pistons, or shocks (car). Can anyone think of which font this might be? I appreciate the help. Thanks. 8) daddio 8)
    2 matches comment Did you view the full size photo? Anyway - I found a good basis for modification in "New Media", found at www.dafont.com in the Sans section. Even the Fett (bold) version is a little skinny, but once the characters are bulked up I'd say it's 95% there.
    2 matches comment As far as Allegheny goes, Aquiline is pretty well an exact replica - though the kerning may be a little unpredictable, you can easily fix this with the word processor or graphics packageof your choice. Your Abaddon-esque face, though...that's tougher. You're obviously looking for some big, swag-like, gothic spiky bits, but to find them with a full character set exactly how you like them will be more tricky. Off the top of my eye I remembered that there was an Unreal Tournament replica font floating around (on this very site, as it happens), which you can pick up here: spiky, yes indeed, but perhaps not quite enough for your tastes. But it does have a full character set, so there's a plus. Then you've got something like Tribal Two, a little ganglier and more barbed. It does have the most vicious-looking "S" I've ever seen, though. As I said, those two were just from memory, so I'll keep looking for you - but if one (or both) of those suits, then brillo. Grrrr, -T°rnquist And in answer to your question, Kat, a little Googling would seem to suggest that Allegheny is a county in Pennsylvania (USA, obviously). Anything else? Who knows.
    2 matches comment You want a full unicode font like the Ariel Unicode MS. See this: http://www.microsoft.com/typography/fonts/font.aspx?fmid=1081 I think it came with Windows XP, not sure though. Beware this Arial version is 23 Megabytes!
    1 matches comment See Gary, nothing beats a Swallow at full speed.

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    Arista 2.0 Alternate Full
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    Society Full Case
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    OL Subway Tiles-Full Tile
    Ashtray Full
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    Helvetica® Full Family Selection Value Pack
    Raleigh Full CE Volume
    LHF Convecta Full
    P22 Salon Full
    Project Fairfax Full
    Hybrid Full Turkish Volume
    Full Moon BT Black Cherry
    Full Moon BT Falling Leaves
    Raleigh Full Turkish Volume
    Full Moon BT Rustling Branches
    Raleigh Full Multilingual Volume
    Gugi Full Regular
    Kahos Full Italic
    Kahos Full Normal
    Kis Full Cyrillic Volume
    Parangon Full Cyrillic Volume
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    Tattoo Girl Full Fill
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    Raleigh Full Cyrillic Volume
    Lazurski Full Cyrillic Volume
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    P22 Salon Full
    Full Moon BT Complete Family Pack
    Project Fairfax Sans Full
    Project Fairfax Slab Full
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    Full Moon BT Black Cherry Moon Alt
    PT Serif Full Multilingual Complete Family Pack
    Geometric Slabserif Full Cyrillic Volume
    Full Moon BT Black Cherry Moon Doubles
    Full Moon BT Black Cherry Moon Ligature
    Venetian 301 Full CE Volume
    Project Fairfax Slab Full
    Geometric Slabserif Full Turkish Volume
    Mellnik Full Western and Cyrillic Volume
    Project Fairfax Sans Full
    Nat Grotesk Full Cyrillic Volume
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    Venetian 301 Full Turkish Volume
    Handsome Full Family
    Sovba Full Family
    Bodoni Egyptian Full Family
    P22 Platten Neu Full Set
    Scrawler 3rd

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