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    1 matches comment Forgetting about the longhorn M and V, this is a typican uncial. This variation is close to the Kells Uncial Bold. A Digital Graphics Labs font. Goto Services > Typeface Design.
    3 matches comment Whatever it is, it is lovely, and I am trying to figure out what it is called and who created it.
    3 matches comment I'm sure Big Brother will give you an overwhelming answer ... ask for uncial, unciaal and celtic plus font
    1 matches comment A handwritten sort of uncial. That is new. I'll try but it may/will take a while.
    1 matches comment With you Swallow. The A, mirrored, looks like an uncial but no relevance with the rest.
    1 matches comment Looks like Deutsch Gothic to me. But, indeed, it has an Uncial smell.
    2 matches comment That's because Celtic does not differentiate between lower and upper case. I've seen 2 fonts that do but with the immediate result that they don't really look Celtic anymore; BoydUncial (freeware) and Uncial ATT (commercial, Agfa). I found a few that distinguishes between capitals and lowercase by just making the caps bigger. But, so sorry Yuri, that's it.
    1 matches comment i am looking for a font, which i had hoped would be in the "CELTIC" section, but wasn't. i can't find it anywhere, and would appreciate any help. the name, or where i can find it would be great.
    1 matches comment Hello Please check: http://www.whatfontis.com/Abbot-Uncial-Regular.font Alex
    1 matches comment Thanks for that. I like the font but it's not really going to do the job - it's a bit blockish and kind of uncial - I'm hoping to find something more cursive.

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