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    1 matches comment More commonly known as Impress. http://www.identifont.com/show?24Y
    1 matches comment Thank you, kkat :) You know - if it wasn't a pleasure and challenge, we wouldn't be doing this :) But even if the only reward is to impress you - I'm satisfied :)
    1 matches comment Thanx mouse, but that D3 Pipism font doesn't impress me much! :( The "forum" text looks like in Phantom (in lowercase chars)! I am looking for a similar font, so if you come across one, let me know. But I'm not as eager to know about this one now than when I posted it! :)
    1 matches comment Hey Alex! It would be good if you could put up a section on this site which contains your favorite fonts! It's not easy to find good fonts out of 10,000 fonts on this site. And the 'Top 100' fonts don't impress me much! Take a look at the "Bitlow' font. Only 63% have rated it as good and you have chosen that for the AF logo! The previews of these fonts don't give much indication of how good those fonts really are! I mean this font isn't the best, but deserves a bit higher rating! Whaddaya think?!! :) After all, this is your site, so you should[/b:22ca04ea8a] have a section on your favorite fonts!! - Fontmaniac
    1 matches comment As I am a curious Kat I paid you guys a visit and had a look at the fonts you give away. Could not help to notice that the Fiolex Girls/Coronet thingie was not an exception. Here you go: Artist = Impress Atelier = FoxScript Boys = Kids (Corel name) Castle = Mister Earl Compact = Badloc (Corel name = Bedrock) Digital = LCD Fineliner = Tekton Fleur = Uechi Gothic, lower case replaced by Wedding Text Gothic = Mariage Handscript = Freehand 575 BT Imperial = Engravers Roman News = Antique Olive Nord/Inciced 901 Nd BT Noblesse I can not trace (yet). The E and L look like being modified. Is the whole thing slanted? OldScript = Flemish Script Plant = Elzevier Caps wit Times New Roman for the lower case Princess = Murray Hill ((Why that strange E? Half mirrored F, half mirrored L ... and that Z, why kill that beautiful Z?) Roman Outline = Caslon Openface Spotmarker = (based on) Pen Tip Bold Yes. Some have some modifications. But it is indisputable where they come from ... Must I also look at the new Mephisto? Somehow looks familiar ... Oh, yes, few thingies on the site - English: past tense of send is sent.
    1 matches comment With an increased exposure of realism and authenticity, FIFA 16 also subscribes into a clear footballing philosophy, and the result is a lot more balanced, deliberate game that arguably loses a modest amount of magic. http://www.mmo2player.com/ undoubtedly addresses a lot of the issues of past video game titles that emphasised either speed or power for the expense of the different. It took me two games make use of the phrase ‘trudging as a result of treacle’ and five to help realise that strength, just as pace, is just seeing that universal. Worried about this physical presence of Hulk, Diego Costa or maybe Christian Benteke? Don’t possibly be, half the time they’ll be knocked journey ball by your midget midfielder. Shooting mostly feels right after you eventually make it into your box and I’ve no complaints from the goalkeeping department. You should work for goals and once they eventually arrive FIFA makes its own as generally. A key addition intended for online matches, as considerably as offline is no-touch dribbling, effectively freeing you on the ball, allowing feints, swerves and re-positioning on the player around the ball while using the right stick. It’s some sort of subtle change, but a welcome one from the possibilities it creates, along with the speed at which you’ll keep move without engaging regular skill moves. For on the net matches, this increases this plays into your hands of the professionals, but also allows the layman to very much impress with their ability. The days of four passes towards opposition box aren’t absent, but mastering no-touch management certainly adds another proficiency element to traditional tactical engage in, and one you’ll need to learn to exploit opponents. In this day and age that means going free-to-play, that is a process that's turned FIFA into something of any Pokemon style lottery. You obtain packs of random people, you turn them in excess of in dramatic fashion, therefore you attempt to piece in concert the 'ultimate team'. It's a process EA put in place years ago and just one that's proved especially favorite on console because it combines an element of chance – buying packs rich in players you can't view – with skill, with much resting on your ability to create a squad that works using a team. cnjojo666

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