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    1 matches comment No apologies needed, dear KKat. Just for your info... Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor deinem Wissen.
    2 matches comment coffee is the Ewie. Search here or in the wild. For vault you could use any Eurostile/Microgamma clone Outline (no perfect match but will do I think) for the ampersand the this will also do. For PIZZA I don't know (yet). Have to try to find that A.
    1 matches comment Mamma Gamma by Pizza Dude.
    1 matches comment that font is "geek-a-byte" or "geek-a-byte 2" both by pizza dude. http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/geek%20byte%202
    1 matches comment ? Nike takes technology 'Returning to the long run'. Returning to one's destiny: Part II” might have had some pretty awe-inspiring inventions like instant Garlic bread Hut and hover boards how the 1980s hoped to see in the future. However, with 2015-12 months we find Doc, Marty and his awesome girlfriend, Jennifer, transport to —being less than a year away, many people don’t think we have now advanced so far as the movie predicted.Fast cars could be be a stuck about the drawing boards the following year, nike air force 1 ukbut Nike equitable released that they're about to attempt to make shoes just like Marty McFly's self-tying or braiding sneakers.Although it appears like a neat product, these sneakers can’t wear high demand. As opposed to looking technologically advanced, these footwear could have a retro appeal on account of their “Time for the longer term” roots. It defeats the objective of looking futuristic if the majority of Americans associate the idea back with all the ‘80s.Also, there is absolutely no real function of these footwear. It really is interesting to combine two everyday concepts-technologies and active wear-in one product, when all they'll do is get rid of the need to tie your shoes, is that really a substantial use of technological advancement. If everything, this can be a fad that reduce as soon as rrt had been popularized. Last 2011 when Nike come up with Nike Air Mag shoe, we were looking at common among collectors, nevertheless that’s over it. Fifteen hundred identical identical from your movie franchise were sold, with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Basis for Parkinson’s illness. They were the primary rechargeable shoe from Nike, income glow for approximately five hours, even so the self-tying laces had yet to be developed.If these completely new self-tying shoes are generally perfected by 2015, nike trainers uk mallWe expect Nike will simply produce a limited number. There's probably hardly any chance that theses shoes are going to be made available to the public and when they may be, they will oftimes be costly.Though the self-tying laces can be a neat advancement, this isn’t gonna revolutionize the shoe manufacture. An average will still have to tie their particular shoes, while collectors will keep the iconic sneakers saved in a glass case. Welcome to our online site: http://www.trainerukmall.co.uk

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