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    1 matches comment Not (yet) here, but there Post Human.
    3 matches comment Hi all, I'm looking for this font for quite some time over the internet and failed. Can someone tell me the source to get it? Thanks. Bitwiser
    3 matches comment You can post a civilized request and a human error can be corrected. Also, your website doesn't seem to work: http://www.nymphont.com/ Says: Address Not Found I will add you as a designer and attribute the Nutshell font to you. Please be nice.
    2 matches comment Hi I am looking for the name of this font, I really like the look of it. I would like to use it in one of my web designs.
    2 matches comment You know what Swallow ... I don't think it is the Flange. Which is sort of a surprise because philippe is almost always right. [img]http://garaje.ya.com/koeiekat/images/thomas&friends.png[/img] Maybe philippe is human?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13709 correct the human error, like you suggested for Lauren's.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12869 In the cartoon and handwriting depts.
    2 matches comment I might have to talk to George about the national assistance ;) Thank you very much for your warm words! Thanks indeed. Not only i tried to craete the biggest free font site in the world I also wanted to bring some human element into it and it kind of goes with what you have said. People need more than just faceless site or company or whatever. We need interaction and interaction in different and new ways. I try to put in as much interaction into AF as i can! I will keep on working for you guys! sincerely,
    1 matches comment Maybe there are. Or, most probably there are. But that would be a very time consuming way to generate text. The human hand will do that much quicker and with far more slight variations (as shown in your pict) than manipulating each and every charachter again and again and again.
    1 matches comment Oops!! True. Put it in the wrong group. A mistake. Am I human?? Nahh ... Edit: By the way, Big Brother told me that every single font mentioned in this thread lives out there in the wild.

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