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    1 matches comment Thanks for your reply! Now I have one option lesser - CGI/Perl! :D Anyway, I was going to chose between ASP and PHP, so as of now, it's PHP! I'll go through the Docs on that site, but I'm in no hurry over this right now. It's the type of server that's causing the dilemna, I'll have to chose between Linux Hosting/WinNT hosting and choose the language accordingly, in case I decide to put up a website after sometime! Thanks a lot! :)
    3 matches comment No, I have 2 dedicated servers with a data center in Houston. I started out reselling but that didn't work too well for me so I moved to dedicated hosting. I have aproximetly 100 clients and am not promoting as I don't have any more servers. Now that I have time to set up more I will start this all over again and hope to have 500 clients by mid 2003. Thanks, Paul
    2 matches comment yea, i would only get servers on demand.. 3 dedicated servers was a little ambitious ;) i'd start with 1 ( on top of this one with AF on it ) are you doing the hosting out of your house or collocating? Because it might even save you some money doing it out of your house. Some T1 providers even give you unlimited bandwidth!!! I am very interested in that since AF alone does 500-600 GB /month
    1 matches comment The cuckoo font will work just fine. Thank you. You folks are really helpful here. I love being able to just upload my file instead of going thru imageshack or another hosting service.
    1 matches comment I'm not having issues with the font on my own machine (Mac running Leopard), and if you are I think it is a question of what software you are using. In any case, I would prefer that you link to my fonts rather than hosting the fonts yourself, since I update them.
    1 matches comment i love this site!!! i was wondering what forum you use? i am tryin to build my own site and would like to use a forum other than the two that came with my hosting package. thanks for the great site and fonts!!!
    1 matches comment I need some help understanding body backgrounds. If I get the background to the right dimensions, then the file is too big to save to an image hosting site. If I keep the background smaller, then it repeats itself. Any experts input would be great. Thanks!
    1 matches comment [quote]@koeiekat:Hmmm, ... Alex ... did you read the License Agreement?[/quote] almost never... :) however, i maintain everything intact, give credit and a link to the site. full credit and free exposure, while hosting downloads... if there is still any concern ill remove it. i know this is slightly not following the rules as they are written, but i try to be reasonable...
    1 matches comment Well, I own an Invader Zim site (one of the top 5 fansites) named Poonchyrama. Though it is on hiatus at the moment, I am redoing the whole site. The point of this is to see the under constuction page I made: http://poonchy.undonet.com I'm planning to buy a domain and some hosting once I finish the site, so sorry for the slow loading of the page. Anyways, tell me what you think of it. It took a while to vector the little thingy... and stuff.
    1 matches comment No, only since about October last year when I started making "Rapscallion" - that was my learning experience. One of those things I've wanted to do for years, then finally sat down and taught myself how. I'm basically just making fonts I've always wanted for myself, and sharing the results with everyone else via the web. I've got other font ideas - these days it's just a matter of finding the time to do them since it's just one of the many things I juggle in my free time It's almost winter here so I'll be spending more time indoors; that should result in a few more fonts in the coming months. Thanks for hosting a quality site where I can distribute my efforts to the fontaholics! Cheers, Ryan
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