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    1 matches comment view details for free font #14537 A tribute to Eiichiro Oda, i love One piece and the CP9, expacelly Kaku
    8 matches comment Hi looking for this font looks simislar to many gothic, blackletter, oldeglish fonts but has script tyoe swirls. please help
    5 matches comment "Suite B Lounge" I am trying to ID this font, but I all keep running into is Bickham Script Pro... it looks like the "B" may be from another font but I am not totally certain. Please help! :) Thanks in advance!
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi, it's very close to Franklin Gothic Condensed ITC or Softmaker (SM) and might be a hand squeezed Franklin Gothic Condesed Bold. See the ITC Franklin Gothic: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/itc-franklin-gothic/ But the URWPP Franklin Gothic differs to much. Bye Bye
    3 matches comment Hi.. I'm new here.. I am looking for a free version of Tekton Pro, or the best package available at a resonable rate.. and which site to get it from? Thanks so much ! :)
    4 matches comment Found two that are the same as 66, but with a slightly more ornamental capital I. The Uechi Gothic - also known as the Chool Gothic -, or if you need the full character set the UechiGotisch) ?Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2000. All rights reserved. Designed by David Rakowski, 1992. Full character set added by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal.) ?1992 by D. Rakowski and an identical one to that, the DrPoDecorRu, ?1989 Alan N. Po, Ph.D.
    5 matches comment It is similar with Bank Gothic family (http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/bank%20gothic) Just for compare because the "c" character look different. Thanks
    2 matches comment first glance i thought it was Copperplate Gothic Light (usually included with all win comps).. but i know they have those lines at the ends. i think there's another gothic font called Sackers Gothic. if anyone wanted to know the script font, its font called Carpenter.
    2 matches comment uploaded image - I'm hoping you can help me identify the 2 fonts in the attached document. - I was told that it was Minion Pro (Regular and Semibold Italics), but some of the ligatures and extensions do not match Minion Pro or any other font I can find. Please note the way the "f" and "i" in "find" flow together, and the double "ff" flourish. This differs from the original Adobe Minion Pro font:. If this is a bootlegged font, it's awfully sophisticated. - Eagerly awaiting your reply, and with thanks!

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    DF Kaku Pop™ Japanese W 5
    DF Kaku Pop™ Japanese W 7
    DF Kaku Pop™ Japanese W 9
    DF Kaku Tai Hi™ Japanese W 4
    Heisei Std
    DF Tegaki Warabe™ Japanese Kaku-W 4
    Ryder Gothic Pro Bold
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    Driver Gothic Pro
    Press Gothic Pro
    Bank Gothic Pro Bold
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    Bank Gothic Pro Cond Light
    Bank Gothic Pro Cond Medium
    LTC Tourist Gothic PRO
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    Gothic Gothic Text
    Driver Gothic Pro
    DF Gothic P™ Japanese W 2
    DF Gothic P™ Japanese W 3
    DF Gothic P™ Japanese W 5
    Franklin Pro Condensed Black
    Century Gothic Complete Family Pack
    LTC Tourist Gothic Complete Family Pack
    Gothic No.13
    PC Gothic
    S&L Gothic
    Soho® Gothic Volume One
    Soho® Gothic Volume Two
    Trade Gothic Next 1 Value Pack
    Trade Gothic Next 2 Value Pack
    Soho® Gothic Family Pack
    P22 Gothic Gothic Regular
    P22 Royalist Pro
    Gothic XSHand
    Gothic Garbage Gothic
    Trade Gothic Next Compressed Value Pack
    Trade Gothic Next Condensed Value Pack
    Gothic Bold
    Gothic Thirteen
    DF Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 12
    DF Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 14
    DF Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 5
    DF Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 7
    Monotype News Gothic Volume
    Baucher Gothic Family
    ITC Avant Garde Gothic Selection
    DF Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 9
    Trade Gothic Next Basic Family Pack
    DFHS Maru Gothic™ Japanese W 4
    Art Gothic Hi H
    Ink Gothic
    Ink Gothic 3 D
    Waratah Gothic
    Gothic Tuscanround-Normal
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Bk Cd
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Bk Cd It
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Bk Cp
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Bk Cp It
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cd
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cd It
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cp
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cp It
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Md Cd
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Md Cd It
    LTCGlobe Gothic-Regular
    Headline Gothic Regular
    Gothic Tuscan8 Bold
    Gothic XSHand Fill
    OL Round Gothic-Bold
    OL Round Gothic-Light
    OL Round Gothic-Medium
    OL Skeleton Gothic-Filler
    OL Skeleton Gothic-Outline
    Monotype News Gothic Condensed Volume
    Monotype News Gothic Complete Family Pack
    Advertisers Gothic
    Advertisers Gothic
    Allan Gothic
    Alt Gothic
    Alternate Gothic No 1 D
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    Alternate Gothic SB-No One
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    Alternate Gothic SB-No Two
    American Gothic
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    Bell Gothic
    Box Gothic
    Coldharbour Gothic
    Copperplate Gothic
    DeLuxe Gothic
    DeLuxe Gothic SC

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