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    1 matches comment Well here is the font all nicely pagaed i hope this is ok I've nevr done this before let me know if it ok and by all means if it meets with you standards please place on your site. BiG Keep on fonting.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Difficult to come to another conclusion. P22 just added the higher ASCII. Big deal. Yet in my perception the word design means something a bit more than that.
    1 matches comment the problem is that everyone has to have that font installed on their computers for them to see it properly. unfortunatelly we are pretty limited like that... stick to atial, verdana, times, courier and the other standards to avoid such problem.
    2 matches comment Sorry, do you have an image with a higher contrast? I can hardly see the font at all. (It reminds me in this quality as a mixture of Mrs. Eaves, Dalliance and Bernhard Fashion, but none of them are it) The names are the font Carpenter, but I'm sure you know this classic already.
    1 matches comment Do you have a sharper image? Higher contrast, text only.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11758 haven't used the font editing software in a while so i am not sure what the standards are. however, if as you are saying this a rasterization error then the data is still under that overlap, it could be possible to open the font in font editing software and move the problematic curve around to fix the problem and expose the underlying data. No?
    1 matches comment Please, help me to identify this title font: www.theworlds50best.com Bodoni/Bodnoff is similiar, but this one above is a little thinner and higher... Thank you.
    1 matches comment The "Business" text's font isn't 'Swiss 924'! The 'e's are completely different. And the dot over 'i' is much higher in this image than in that font! So tornquist, keep looking for that one!
    1 matches comment A bit too fuzzy for me. Try to only scan the text, not the whole page and set your resolution a bit higher - 200/300 dpi.
    1 matches comment Hi All, Happy New Year to you! All ideas on this one greatly appreciated. (I think it looks like a mixture of fonts (Trebuchet & Futura to name but 2) also a few others but none of them is an exact match) As I am but a mere mortal I have no choice but to submit it to a higher authority for the definitive ID! Regards Gary

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