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    1 matches comment yw and merry xmas...
    1 matches comment Hi Schwalbenkoenig, many thanks as always for all your help. Hope you have a good Xmas and New Year Regards G
    1 matches comment @ alex I'm not a HIM, but a HER. "Ute" is a girl's name, but not much in use outside from germany. So I'll forgive you... :p Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you! Ute
    1 matches comment Hi Alex, many thanks for the ID, much appreciated as always. I did try the autofont ID's both on "what the font" and "what font is" but got nothing like "Hand Of Sean". Once again many thanks, hope you have a Good Xmas and New Year Regards G
    1 matches comment WOW!!! Seems 2 me that it was made with Adobe ... something ... I'll try 2 download the fonts you suggested, the shadow shouldn't be a serious problem. Thanx 4 your help, that logo drove me crazy. With your help I'm able 2 refine it! Many greetings to good ol' Germany! Merry Xmas and a happy new year! Yours, Higgins (from Vienna, AUT)
    1 matches comment Hi, gcorp red: It looks like the myriad bold - but the myriad hasn't an angled cut anywhere. Now, cuts are easily done with Freehand or Photoshop nowadays... hat: It looks like myriad too, but I couldn't track down a thin or light version anywhere. It isn't the Regular. Additionally I've to admit, I hadn't much time for search - I don't have much time alltogether theese days... U. PS: May I wish you a merry Xmas?
    1 matches comment Ok.... This going to be a big test. Over the Christmas Holiday my computer decided that it didn't like me and die. Yes, my hard drive went to computer hell. Unfortunately it took my fonts with it and I don't have the original font cd. God only knows where i might have put it. I was wondering does any one have these fonts. Avenida Delphin II Dialog Jaft Zapfino Finerliner Present Linotype Xmas Linotype Decorations If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. If you can't no worries. Happy Holidays everyone!!!
    1 matches comment Hi. I am a newbie here, so if I do something that upsets the general way things are done, my apologies! I am trying to craft a sign out of metal for my son in college. The sign will be of the Mizzou Tigers logo. (University of Missouri). I have been trying to find the font that the big block "M" is from. This is a link to only pic of the block M I can come up with quickly, it is NOT a sales tactic! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2770378532&category=24591 I'm sorry to have to show you the M in this fashion, but if I could just print it, I wouldna be askin' for yer help, noo, Lass! I appreciate your help, and you can reach me at coach@dextermo.net Sincerely, Steve Taylor

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