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    1 matches comment It’s a Hallmark font: Jot Medium HMK.
    1 matches comment Sorry Heron. That is correct. Was too hasty.
    1 matches comment Hello Please search for Butch HMK. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment No, that was too hasty. Google sans +condensed and you will get an overwhelming amount of hits. I.m sure you'll find something. Good luck.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12750 You're right Bob. JohnLennon is not a clone of Goo Goo Gjoob. I was a bit too hasty. As there is no proper preview available I just compared the character preview of wtf with the enlarged preview here, and jumped into the conclusion that JohnLennon was a muddy copy of Goo Goo Gjoob and commented like that. I should not have done that. Triggered by your response I got Veer's pdf with the font embedded to compare it with the freebee. And, JohnLennon is indeed a thing on it's own and has little to nothing to do with Goo Goo Gloob. As a starter, the lc p is completely different. I did not bother to check all glyphs. There was no need. After p, A, a and k it was clear. JohnLennon can't stand in the shade of Goo Goo Gjoob. Goo Goo Gjoob shows all the details of the irregularities of hand writing. JohnLennon is not what I said a bad rip-off, it is, I'm sorry to say so Analia, straight forward rubbish. Not a single detail is preserved. No wonder it looks like mud. It is mud. So should this stop Analia or others from putting their work on here? No, of course not. But maybe keep the initial release for themselves and improve it before they make it public. @Analia: you can prevent this muddy result by selecting None in the smooth filter when importing the bitmaps. It also helps when your bitmaps have a minimum of anti-aliasing. The hard work is not in the rendering but in the preparation of each bitmap.

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    Starbabe HMK Complete Family Pack
    Kat Tail HMK Bold
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    Smiles HMK Complete Family Pack
    Beths Cute HMK Complete Family Pack
    Wallow HMK Bold
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    Wallow HMK Complete Family Pack

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