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    5 matches comment I would like to get a font from the Google logo. Just the shape of the letters would be enough, but it would be awesome if you found someway of making the letters randomly show up as one of the four colors that Google uses in their logo.
    2 matches comment love the font google uses for the literacy project page (www.google.com/literacy). anyone recognize it?
    5 matches comment better late than never! :) this is actually useless as far as providing the answer to the person, since I do not know anything about that person (hence, "recovered" user name) this is for searching... so google and 'em all will spider a thread with an answer to request for compaq's font. cha-ching
    4 matches comment Hello, I'm looking Calligraph421 BT. I did a google search and have yet to find a site that sells it. Any advice? Links would be appreciated. TIA.
    3 matches comment Thanks!
    3 matches comment Commercial font cousin. Yet google or yahoo! might come to the rescue.
    1 matches comment There seems to be a hefty overload on the google adserver. And google wants to load first so the picts are waiting. Where is the original pict? This is a bit muddy and as I don't recognize it straight away I'll have to run in through the matcher - in which case the better ... the better ...
    1 matches comment A similar font sent can be found here on Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9XRkTNaMPBWNFlVcXZnTDJlZkk/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1

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