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    9 matches comment Well, these 'boring plain' fonts are copyrighted work by professional designers. To design a font properly with hinting and kerning for the different point sizes, so that it gives a professional result when printed, is a very (read VERY) time consuming job. You are talking hundreds if not thousands of hours. Like most people who do a professional job they like to get paid for their work. The contrary is generally spoken true for the 'flashy Innovative' fonts. Made by amateurs, incomplete, no kerning pairs whatsoever and often based on other people's work, - took me less than an hour!! - SIC. Yes those are free. And rightfully so; mostly rubbish and not worth a dime. So bad luck Joe. But you could have known. Everyone knows that you have to save all your belongings - up to the last comma - before you allow Bill Gates cs to do anything at all on your machine. They think all computers are their's and can do whatever they like ...
    1 matches comment Does anyone know of a free knock-off of "Regular Joe" font. The original costs 80 dollars!!
    1 matches comment try the Dear Joe
    1 matches comment Yes , you can search for pixel fonts and i think the closes would be "NOMINAL5" try to get that and use it at size "8" Thanks Joe
    1 matches comment Hi, The author did a fantastic job. The thread is really great. joe Edit: spam link removed.
    1 matches comment Pretty random one, anyone know the 'JOE GIBBS' and 'PRODUCTIONS' font?
    1 matches comment Could anyone help me find a couple fonts? I used them while working for another shop. I know they are free , but can't remember where I got them and the customer has come to me for some design work. Being a good joe , I didn't take the font with me when I left the studio. Now I'm in need of them in a bad way. I've looked for most of this afternoon. I thought they where from blambot. but I don't see them there. Any help would be great. Thanks, Karman
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12544 TNA Lockdown dingbat font. This is yet another TNA wrestling font, 2007 edition featuring new roster additions like Kurt Angle and Pacman Jones along with favourites like Samoa Joe, Sting and AJ Styles.
    1 matches comment Here is the Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Branding Guidelines PDF. http://www.gopoly.com/images/uploads/pages/File/Branding%20Guidelines/Cal%20Poly%20Styleguide1006.pdf the words "CAL" and "POLY" are in a familiar typeface but I can't put my finger on it. Whether FREE or a PAY font, I'd still like to know the identity of this. Thanks for your help folks!! Joe

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    Husky Joe
    Skinny Joe
    Little Joe EF Black
    Little Joe EF White
    Joe Mad Complete Family Pack
    Average Joe
    Biometric Joe
    Calamity Joe
    Crappy Joe
    Curly Joe
    Joe Schmoe
    Regular Joe
    Buffalo Joe Bold
    Buffalo Joe-Regular
    Joe College Sans NF
    Joe College Serif NF
    Joe Kubert-Intl Complete Family Pack
    Joe College Letter Sweater NF
    Joe College Sans Inline NF
    Joe College Serif Inline NF
    Joe Kubert Complete Family Pack
    EF Little Joe Black
    EF Little Joe White
    Biometric Joe Regular
    Average Joe Regular
    Joe Mad-Intl Complete Family Pack
    EF Little Joe etc Volume
    Martini at Joe's Regular
    Martini at Joe's Volume
    Martini at Joe's Complete Family Pack
    Martini at Joe's Oblique
    Martini at Joe's Cameo Regular
    Martini at Joe's Retro
    Martini at Joe's Dimensional Outline Volume
    Martini at Joe's Brush Retro
    Martini at Joe's Cameo Retro
    Martini at Joe's Brush Oblique
    Martini at Joe's Brush Regular
    Martini at Joe's Brush Volume
    Martini at Joe's Cameo Oblique
    Martini at Joe's Cameo Volume
    Martini at Joe's Brush Outline Regular
    Martini at Joe's Brush Outline Oblique
    Martini at Joe's Dim Outline Retro
    Martini at Joe's Brush Outline Retro
    Martini at Joe's Brush Outline Volume
    Martini at Joe's Dim Outline Oblique
    Martini at Joe's Dim Outline Regular
    dearJoe 1
    dearJoe 2
    dearJoe 3
    dearJoe 4
    dearJoe 5
    joeHand 1
    joeHand 2
    joeHand 3
    dearJoe 5 Alternatives
    dearJoe 5 Casual
    CCJoe Kubert
    CCJoe Mad
    dearJoe 4 Full Pro
    dearJoe 4 Smooth Pro
    dearJoe 5 Casual Pro
    CCJoe Kubert Italic
    CCJoe Mad Italic
    CCJoe Kubert Bold Italic
    CCJoe Mad Bold Italic
    Charminette Light
    Retrofit Light
    Beachbuoy Bold
    Beachbuoy Light
    Beachbuoy Medium
    Retrofit Bold
    Candykitchen Regular
    Retrofit Complete Family Pack
    Beachbuoy Complete Family Pack
    Buffalo Joe™ Bold
    Buffalo Joe™ Regular
    Buffalo Joe™ Complete Family Pack
    ITC American Typewriter™ Medium Condensed

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