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    2 matches comment Anyone know what the "kid cudi" font is?? trying to make a poster! Thanks!
    1 matches comment Please help me identify the kid font used in this website as I want to search for it and use it for my son's birthday invitations. Thanks!
    1 matches comment the "pinks page" is called brooklyn kid. to get the "i" and "s" you want you have to capitalize the letters just experement. Is here at AF 4 free 2. here's the link [url=http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=brooklyn+kid]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=brooklyn+kid
    1 matches comment Can anyone identify the font 'Make Her say' and 'Kid Cudi' is in?
    1 matches comment Sure. But those are probably all heavily compressed jpgs. That's not crisp enough. and highres scans? I doubt it. Most scans I see on the web are plain garbage. Take my advice: make your own scans. Good ones.
    2 matches comment Thanks for the input, Gary. I've checked out about 9-10 of these fonts but they aren't really kid-oriented (some are even obscene!).
    2 matches comment I need to get hold of the font both 'absent kid' and 'i burnt down the family business' are written in at www.absentkid.co.uk first page. If anyone can identifiy them/tell me where to get them that would be great. many thanks Richard
    1 matches comment Yep, 1979 is a clone of the Mata. Or is it the same one? 1979 later made commercial? Whatever, it is not the one requested. Nothing matches but the 'S'. I ran a match but no result. So this asks for further digging. Do not guarantee a result though ... One question to EJ. Why this big image when all we need is the top right bit? Next time please get rid of the garbage. Thanks.
    1 matches comment As we missed you. Let me know how you are doing ... and how is the kid?

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    Gothic Garbage
    Gothic Garbage Gothic
    Kid Captain PB
    Orange Kid
    Clean Cut Kid
    CC Clean Cut Kid
    FB Kid B
    FB Kid L
    FB Kid M
    Clean Cut Kid Italic
    Kidding Kid EF
    Orange Kid Regular
    FB Kid Story Regular
    FB Kid Complete Family Pack
    Kid Type 1 Volume
    GFY Bobbys Kid
    Kid Type Crayon
    Kid Complete Family Pack
    Kid Type 2 Ruled
    Kid Type Marker
    Kid Type Paint
    Kid Font Value Pack
    Scrap Outline
    FG Erin Regular
    Woodcutter Light
    Woodcutter Plain
    Woodcutter Regular
    Anymals Regular
    Linotype Face Value™ Regular
    KG What the Teacher Wants Regular
    Arbuckle Contour
    Arbuckle Just Lights
    Arbuckle Black
    Arbuckle Bright
    Blubber Regular
    Woodcutter Complete Family Pack
    Janda Someone Like You 2
    KG The Last Time Regular
    KG True Colors Regular
    All Smiles Regular
    Janda Someone Like You Regular
    Chicken Parts Regular
    Drunk Robot Pimp
    Drunk Robot Farmers Daughter
    KG Strawberry Limeade Regular
    KG Attack of the Robots Regular
    Samara Complete Family Pack
    Janda Someone Like You Set
    KG Falling Slowly Regular
    Arbuckle Complete Family Pack
    Drunk Robot Debt Collector
    Drunk Robot Complete Family Pack
    Julius Primary™ Black
    Julius Primary™ Bold
    Julius Primary™ Italic
    Julius Primary™ Light
    Julius Primary™ Regular
    Janda Hide and Seek Regular
    Janda Closer to Free Regular
    McBoo HMK Regular
    Speed Bump Regular
    Julius Primary™ Black Italic
    Julius Primary™ Bold Italic
    Julius Primary™ Light Italic
    Okrien HMK Regular
    Okrien HMK Bold
    Julius Primary Complete Family Pack
    Wallow HMK Bold
    Wallow HMK Regular
    Janda Silly Monkey Regular
    Okrien HMK Complete Family Pack
    Bring In The Frowns Regular
    Wallow HMK Complete Family Pack

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