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    14 matches comment ? Hi Can anyone help me please? Im looking for the font for the film 'School of Rock'. Ive been directed to ones similar but not the same....does anyone know where I can find the right one? thanks http://gloucestercitylibrary.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/school_of_rock.jpg a
    12 matches comment School of Rock/Rolling Stones where can i get the font that these two use?
    7 matches comment ! please someone tell me where I can get the link to it again....its the one in the upper right hand corner.
    5 matches comment Hi there. I'm searching for the font from the No Doubt's Rock Steady album cover. It could be a similar font too. Does anyboyd know if the font even exists? Thank you!
    2 matches comment This looks like a rock or flintstone font
    1 matches comment [quote]@Schwalben Koenig:*giggle* well, AFAIK Clement is the surname and Nicolle is the lastname, so she should be a he[/quote] oops, and oops again... im on a roll! a bad roll :| i hope HE doesnt read this :) i did email HIM right before seeing your message, i have to go and check now if didnt refer to him as "she". thank god(or people) for english "you" being unisex!! :D
    1 matches comment A rarity used for weddings and church things, rather innocent, and of course neo-nazism - not so innocent. Picked up from the latter by the skinhead scene - also not so innocent. Picked up by the house-rock scene who never heard of the roll. Picked up by followers who had no idea what it was, but it looked aggressive so it was good. Picked up by 10 year olds who have been denied an education in recent history, so it was cool. That is why I don't do this shit. With the rare exception when I think there is a friendly person behind the question. Isn't renaissance a nice thing?
    2 matches comment nope, do you think the original poster could post an image? could've helped... :roll:
    2 matches comment :roll: Stretched out a bit? Can't even figure what it means to say. I suggest you spend some time with dafont. They have a huge collection of weird things they call typefaces.
    1 matches comment :? i really need it!!! :roll:

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