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    fs elliott-1 facility-4 faculty-4 feggolite-6 f kelt-9 f.kelt-9 fp quality 2-19 ff call two-42 ff call two ot-42 fish salt-50

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    1 matches comment [img:635a353c52]http://www.sala4.com/xineiz/images/mac.jpg[/img:635a353c52] i wanna know what font its used in the menu items (Casey, Elliot, Guy, etc)[/b:635a353c52] anyone know this font? :confused: :confused: its from a mac skin, so it might be mac-only or w/e. (click here[/b:635a353c52] for a full view of the skin) it doesnt seem to be regular fonts such as arial/verdana :o thanks in advance

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