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    1 matches comment view details for free font #12571 - Here are 7 fonts I've created. Their names are in Silarg, an artificial language I've invented... "Argor" is the author name I've chosen. - "Argor Biw Scaqh" means : "The Pretty Writing of Argor". - "Argor Brujsh Scaqh" means : "The Scribbled Writing of Argor". - "Argor Cwar Scaqh" means : "The Square Writing of Argor". - "Argor Flahm Scaqh" means : "The Blazing Writing of Argor". - "Argor Got Scaqh" means : "The Gothic Writing of Argor". - "Argor Man Scaqh" means : "The Writing of Argor's Hand". - "Argor Priht Scaqh" means : "The Primitive Writing of Argor". I've handwritten each type, scanned them, put them in the fontsoft I have and arranged all of these fonts... The main style is blackletter. Bye! Argor - JP Mallaroni
    1 matches comment Hi, I am looking for the best fire font - do you guys have any suggestions/favourites? Thanks in advance, it will be for my site: www.extinguisher.com Thanks again, Harry
    2 matches comment Im stuck trying to find a font to use with my logo any suggestions??? The company is a fire and security company and im not sure what would look nice. At the miniute im just using tahoma (a bit plain and boring)! My site were you can see the logo is at http://www.cfs-fire.co.uk Thanks all
    1 matches comment Hi all. I am a firefighter in search of a font that is used on the back of DCFD's shirts. My dept. will be embroidering these on jackets and sweatshirts. Any help identifying the font would be greatly appreciated. First, I am looking to identify the font used for the "DCFD". Lastly, the font used in "Fire Rescue". I found the font "Atrox" a comparable to the second font myself... but if it an exact font pops immediately into mind, I'd appreciate your thought. Mainly, I really want the first font. My Department is Cherry Valley Fire Department in Illinois. Ours will read "CVFD" with fire rescue beneath. Around 14" wide overall (Not that that matters much to mention) Thanks again! - Gary
    1 matches comment well, it is very important to figure out what you are doing... are you writing a program that will create custom font previews? or are you writing a windows application and you are trying to simply draw a string text on a custom control or something?
    2 matches comment I need some help of you can you tell me which fonts are they? Font 1 : http://www.redkaos.de/0708/zbaut05.jpg (The right writing) Font 2 http://www.wellcoolstuff.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/sneakbros02.jpg (The purple writing) Font 3 :http://www.freakbrothers.org/assets/images/Schriftzug_-_Freakbrothers_gross.gif I hope you can help me I serch for it for a long time without succsess Thanks
    1 matches comment Hey guys! I was just wondering if any of you are interested in writing little features about fonts, typegraphy, design. tutorials, how-tos? I am thinking of starting a section like that if i will get enough volunteers... I wont be able to pay you but i will try to expose your name as much as possible, maybe you could even use that for your work done in your resumes ;) well, let's see if anyone is interested...
    1 matches comment O o, Alex is going to fire me for this one. I don't know of many font forums that are really interesting. We have 1001fonts. Slow. I don't even bother to go there anymore. There is the graphicschat.com forum. Girlish. But not your type. Too easily offended. And of course dafont.com. Very alive but with some ultimately stupid kids only going after games cover faces. I had fun there though until Mzilikazi (tweetybird - also named minicat -) left some time ago after being hit with a handbag. No sparring partner left now. Which reminds me that the tweetybird used to contribute to 1001fonts, I'll have to check on that. So that's not much help eh? But why aren't you more visible here? You know your fonts. Don't you? And we need someone here after Ute left because of her work and family and the 'Viking' got lost between here, the North Cape and Greenland. BTW, you have an intriguing way of writing. When will you finish any .. or really write a book?
    1 matches comment Hi Pls I need a good hand writing font for writing the text "Design", The font should look beautiful, it should contain some curved like, AdineKirnberg, ALS Script etc... *Pls tell me any good font if know it... Thanks it...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14156 Yes, that was the fire that was.

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    Fire Down Below NF
    Born Of Fire
    Ring O Fire
    TB Fire Signs
    Born Of Fire Bold
    Ring O Fire Oblique
    Brush Writing OC
    Celestial Writing
    Hand Writing OC
    Magi Writing
    Malachim Writing
    Masonic Writing
    Writing Machine
    Stan's Fire From Timaeus Regular
    Writing Machine Bold
    Writing Machine Fractions
    Writing Machine Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two
    Set Fire to the Rain Regular
    LDJ Elf Writing
    Brush Writing OC
    Writing Machine Bold Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two Oblique
    Enochian Writing
    Sanskrit Writing
    DS Magi Writing Regular
    Hand Writing OC
    Reading and Writing Doodles
    Writing Machine™ Bold
    Writing Machine™ Light
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys One
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys Two
    Writing Machine™ Fractions
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys One Oblique
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys Two Oblique
    DS Celestial Writing Regular
    Old Writing Fonts Complete Family Pack
    DS Enochian Writing Regular
    DS Malachim Writing Regular
    DS Masonic Writing Regular
    DS Sanskrit Writing Regular
    Writing Machine™ Bold Oblique
    Writing Machine™ Light Oblique
    Writing Machine™ Complete Family Pack
    Fancy Writing Pack
    Linotype Albafire™ Regular
    Linotype Albatross™ Regular
    Linotype Albawing™ Regular
    Flame On Regular
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Medium
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Regular
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Bold
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Narrow Bold
    Firenza™ Bold Italic
    Emergency workplace signs Regular
    Handsome 2
    Wee Todd Regular
    Givry Regular
    FG Jason Regular
    AE Prosperity Regular
    Handsome Classic
    Handsome Rough
    Handsome Thin
    Scratchnessism Regular
    Blubber Regular
    FG Ronja Complete Family Pack
    Handmade Bugler Regular
    Oh Ley ROB
    Urban Scrawl
    Felicity Script
    FG Pedro Complete Family Pack
    DF Sumo™ Japanese W 12
    P22 Rakugaki Set
    DF Kan Tei Ryu™ Japanese W 9
    DF Kyokasho W 3
    DF Kyokasho W 4
    Handsome Extra Bold
    DF Ru Lei™ Japanese W 5
    DF Ru Lei™ Japanese W 7
    DF Ru Lei™ Japanese A-W 5
    DF Ru Lei™ Japanese A-W 9
    Sadey Ann Regular
    Casual Script Script
    Brush Stroke Regular
    DF Craft™ Japanese Sumi-W 9
    Guave Juice Regular
    DF Gyo Sho™ Japanese W 5
    Mr. Walters - Casual
    DF Kai Sho™ Japanese W 12
    DF Kai Sho™ Japanese W 14
    DF Kai Sho™ Japanese W 3
    DF Kai Sho™ Japanese W 5
    DF Kai Sho™ Japanese W 7
    DFSN Gyo Sho W 5 Japanese
    DF Craft Yu W 5
    DF Craft Yu W 7

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