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    4 matches comment it's a sort of "techno electro" font, used in a camel advert, looks a lot like Plastic Pill but less bolder and with "holes" in it, sorry for the bad quality picture
    1 matches comment CRUISIN' is Advert Rough-Four.
    1 matches comment I need help yet again on another film-related project. There are a few different posters around for the James Stewart film "It's A Wonderful Life", but typically, the one version I am trying to recreate for a personal project has a handwriting font I don't have anything near enough to substitute. This image was a magazine advert around at the time, and differs in many ways from the normal film poster. It's A Wonderful Life advert The font I am looking for is the red one which cuts across the characters, reading "It's A Wonderful Life". The drop line effects I can duplicate in Photoshop, but the font itself - or something close enough - is what I need. Thanks again in anticipation :D
    1 matches comment uploaded image I need a logo recreated in Berlin Sans Demi as a vector so that I can resize it for use within an advert. Can anyone recreate this logo for me, or better still supply the font for a Mac? The logo here: https://www.way2gohire.com/home/ I need the way2go lettering only. Please can someone help me asap! Many thanks

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