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    6 matches comment CAN SOME ONE PLEASE IDENTIFY THIS PLEASE! The F Is what im looking for also the other font would be good Thanks
    2 matches comment ? does any body know how i can get the Font for this clothing co.
    1 matches comment Hi Colin, the closest match that i could find is Fontdinerdotcom. However it is not the font, first of all because the logo doesnt have those sparles or stars above the letters and also Fontdinerdotcom has distorted letters, ie they jump a lot. However, i think you should check it out and if you're good with Photoshop im sure you can get rid of stars.. ;) font can be found here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/?d=Famous&p=1 Alex
    1 matches comment THE Kids is the Earwig Factory. Famous (FAMOUS? famous?) I havn't found (yet).
    1 matches comment Check in the Stars category: http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/55/Stars
    1 matches comment Here is a link with some famous fonts with ID and some of them are dowloadable http://www.smackbomb.com/famousfonts/index.html GreenTea
    3 matches comment Anybody know the name of this font? Thanks!
    3 matches comment Geez...you even posted a photo of yourself, girl? Now you're a famous typeface designer... Geez, what's wrong with you people...
    2 matches comment I have tried to download this font and use it but the Capital W only gives me 1/2 a letter. Unfortunately this is the main letter that I need. Can anyone help me with this.
    2 matches comment Could anyone help me to identify this font please? Or, alternatively, find one that is close? Thanks!

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    Famous Folks
    Altemus Stars Two
    Altemus Stars Three
    From The Stars Bold
    From The Stars Book
    From The Stars ExtraLight
    From The Stars Italic
    From The Stars Light
    From The Stars Regular
    From The Stars SemiBold
    From The Stars UltraLight
    Famous Folks Regular
    Circus Stars
    Radio Stars
    Stars Stripes RH
    From The Stars Bold Italic
    From The Stars Book Italic
    From The Stars ExtraLight Italic
    From The Stars Light Italic
    From The Stars SemiBold Italic
    From The Stars UltraLight Italic
    Altemus Stars
    Altemus Stars Three
    Altemus Stars Two
    Altemus Stars Set
    Altemus Stars One
    Stars NSpirals EF-Regular
    Hollywood Stars (Volume 1)
    USF Stars A
    USF Stars B
    USF Stars Volume
    Radio Stars Regular
    EF Stars N Spirals Regular
    Hollywood Stars (Volume 1)
    Written in the Stars Regular
    Ann's Guest Stars Regular
    FF Dingbats 2.0 Stars and Flowers
    Acta Symbols Stars
    Acta Symbols Stars
    Sailors Tattoo Pro Xmas Stars
    Tupelo Regular
    Book Jacket SC
    Tupelo Swash Caps
    Book Jacket Regular
    Book Jacket Swash
    Book Jacket Volume
    Dime Store Regular
    Minnesota Plaid Regular
    TBStars And Stripes-Bold
    TBStars And Stripes Compose-Bold
    Altemus Bursts Two
    Ornament Collection Value Pack
    Altemus Borders One
    Philadelphia Family
    Philadelphia Outline
    Philadelphia Regular
    Philadelphia Family with Aldersgate
    Altemus Suns Bold
    Altemus Suns Regular
    XStellaStern Five
    XStellaStern Four
    XStellaStern One
    XStellaStern Two
    XStellaStern Three
    CFB1 Captain Narrow™ Normal
    Assortment Star
    Xstars And Stripes One
    Xstars And Stripes Two
    CFB1 American Patriot™ Normal
    CFB1 Captain Narrow Family
    CFB1 Shielded Avenger Family
    Altemus Suns Complete Family Pack
    CFB1 American Patriot Family
    CFB1 Shielded Avenger™ Avanger Normal
    CFB1 American Patriot Font Pack
    Xstars And Stripes Volume
    Xstella Stern Volume
    Starry Night Normal

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