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    1 matches comment Thanks to Heron, who mailed me about this thread, I can now say it's nice to see you guys again. Yeah, this forum was some rough sea those days. When exactly did they close it and why? (or let's say "which was the last straw?") I remember I wasn't around very frequently later and some day I dropped by I found it gone. I was sort of busy with university and later with my one year of civilian service (drinking people under the table, for example ;P). Now I'm back at university again, and still alive. Filmhimmel is down indeed and seriously, it sort of was a crappy idea to start a page like that after all. We were constantly at war with our first programmer who never got anything programmed but always told us what couldn't be done with PHP, and refused to do anything that even just benefited "Internet Explorer" users. When we stumbled upon a girl from cologne who apparently could program almost everything we needed, none of us was so keen on running a movie page anymore. So we closed it and we're probably going to sell it as we've got several offers for the domain name. And that's about all the spectacular news about my recent history. Anyway, hugs and kisses to everyone. ;P Those were the days, folks. @ Heron, I almost deleted your message as spam; "Alive?" usually might not have been descriptive enough - luckily it was the only new mail at that time, so I gave it a try. ;) By the way, anybody know where to get the google font for free? x)

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