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    1 matches comment Take a look at this site i think it shows a sample of the letters your looking for if it is what your looking for i'll find you a matching font. I think what you are looking for is a dot matrix type font. take a look and let me know. brother wp site BiG
    2 matches comment I am lookin for the font used for the actors names on the original Matrix poster. Not the movie title itself, but the actors names and also the tagline. Does anyone know what that font is?
    4 matches comment Thanks for your help!
    1 matches comment That's better. It is the Matrix. You'll want the Tall.
    1 matches comment Also known as The Matrix font. Here you have it.
    2 matches comment Thanks Tørnquist, I appreciate you looking. If you could just identify the Matrix font, I would be perfectly happy with that. If you could identify both, that would be amazing. But I don't want to waste your time with 2 complicated fonts. Thanks for the help so far, and thanks for not giving up!
    2 matches comment Read carefully and note the dot after the e of Title ...
    1 matches comment Finding out which font is used in the PDF should not be that difficult. Click file > document info > fonts and you know. Finding the font itself may not be so easy. In '94 Wordperfect shipped with a number of 'international' versions of the Times New Roman and Helvetica with many dialectrics. in '95 Monotype brought us someting like that; the 'Special G1 and G2' series. But I have not seen one with the 'dot' being used as 'underscore'. So I assume that somewhere there is a more elegant version around where for capitals the underscore has been replaced with a dot :?:. Maybe a university with a faculty for middle european (slavic) languages (see the e in Yo'el) can help you out. Try digging in the Czech :?: font scene. Or, maybe Alex knows something about this :shock:? I'm afraid this is all I know about this.
    1 matches comment uploaded image mbrinkma, If you have a vector graphics application like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, you might try editing the font on an as needed basis. When you type a letter in CorelDraw, you can see that the letter is made up of an outline with lots of points (like a dot-to-dot game. If you drag specific points you can distort the font... and in your case, elongate the ending strokes of each word. I attached an example that I did just now with a simple Brush Script font. It took me about 2 minutes...but I've been using CorelDraw for over 15 years.

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    Matrix Dot
    FF Dot Matrix Volume
    Matrix Dot Regular
    Matrix Dot Condensed
    TBMatrix Dot
    TBMatrix Inverse Dot
    Geodotâ„¢ Regular
    Dot Soon NF
    Delivery Matrix AOE
    Subway Ticker Regular
    Barchowsky Dot OT
    Dot Gain
    FF Screen Matrix Volume
    Dot Regular
    USF Symbol Signs DOT One
    USF Symbol Signs DOT Three
    USF Symbol Signs DOT Two
    Dot Noir-One
    Dot Noir-Zero
    Brea Normal
    USF Symbol Signs DOT Volume
    Brea Light
    Brea Complete Family Pack
    Astrotypeâ„¢ N Dot
    Astrotypeâ„¢ P Dot
    150 Dot
    AuktyonZ Dot
    Melko Dot
    Paltime Dot
    SB Liquid Dot
    SB Message Dot
    Urbix Dot
    Urbix Nu Dot
    Urbox Dot 12
    Urbox Nu Dot
    Irritation One
    Irritation Two
    Dottie Regular
    Procyon Fat
    Procyon Italic
    Procyon Regular
    Astrotypeâ„¢ N Dot Outline
    Astrotypeâ„¢ P Dot Outline
    Pop Cubism Outline
    Pop Cubism Shaded
    Mastertext Boxed
    Mastertext Heavy
    Mastertext Light
    Mastertext Plain
    Mastertext Symbols One
    Mastertext Symbols Two
    Plasterboard Regular
    Irritation Volume
    Procyon Bloated Italic
    Procyon Bloated Outline
    Procyon Bloated Regular
    Procyon Fat Italic
    Urboxrg Dot-Light Italic
    150 Dot Italic
    Ktiva Tama Dot MF
    Melko Dot Italic
    Scratch UP Dot 10 Black
    Urbix Dot Italic
    Urbix Dot Light
    Urbix Dot Slanted
    Urbix Nu Dot-Italic
    Urbix Nu Dot-Light
    Urbix Nu Dot-Slanted
    Urbox Dot 12 Italic
    Urbox Dot 12 Light
    Urbox Dot 12 Slanted
    Urbox Nu Dot-Italic
    Urbox Nu Dot-Light
    Urbox Nu Dot-Slanted
    Zink Dot
    Pop Cubism Complete Family Pack
    Lomoâ„¢ Wall Dot 50
    Dot Rule Border
    Mastertext Complete Family Pack
    Paltime Dot
    Dot'Noir Volume
    Procyon Bloated Italic Outline
    Procyon Complete Family Pack
    Agilita® Dot Thin
    Aramara Chromatic Dot
    Marquer Flair Dot
    Marquer Script Dot
    Marquer Square Dot
    Scratch UP Dot 10 Black Italic
    Scratch UP Dot 10 Extra Bold
    Scratch UP Dot 10 Semi Black
    Urbix Dot Light Italic
    Urbix Dot Light Slanted
    Urbix Nu Dot-Light Italic
    Urbix Nu Dot-Light Slanted
    Urbox Dot 12 Light Slanted
    Urbox Nu Dot-Light Italic
    Urbox Nu Dot-Light Slanted

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