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    9 matches comment can someone identify the font marvin is pointing at ("DON´T PANIC") towel day may 25 ;) [img w=500]http://ffmedia.ign.com/filmforce/image/article/579/579545/hitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxy-the-20050113043117430.jpg[/img]
    4 matches comment view details for free font #13709 I dont know what to tell you. the one I just DL'd from dafont says my name. update your site.
    1 matches comment to bo honest with you, i dont remember.. it just on of the handwriting fonts that i hit while going through the list of my 800 installed fonts. I just dont remember exactly and i dont think i saved the source file for that image sorry ill still try checking it out later tonight
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11510 [quote]@Schwalben Koenig: Safari[/quote] safari??? you poor thing... i suggest you dont log out as i have horrible, ongoing problems with Safari/Konqueror. Those things HATE javascript... does everything work ok for you around the site? (i dont have a mac :(, have linux though, which is better, yup i said it :) )
    1 matches comment I still dont get it... what do you mean ask for unical, how do I do that when I dont know what to do or what Big Brother is????/ I really dont get it... help me [quote]@koeiekat:I'm sure Big Brother will give you an overwhelming answer ... ask for uncial, unciaal and celtic plus font[/quote]
    1 matches comment i live in canada as well, however i still put it on U.S. English as i found that the french accents kept creeping into my typing somehow... Shamefully, i dont know any french and therefore dont ever have to type in it. Therefore, U.S. English, but make sure that the spell check is on the Canadian english ;) Your problem sounds very random. I dont think there is a solution to your problem. It might just go away with one of the updates, restart or something... do you have any font management software installed?
    1 matches comment Thanks for the times helping me in the, past. I work with fonts alot so i dont use this service too much. Dont spend too much time on this, not that big a deal.
    1 matches comment sorry man... i hoestly cannot put my finger on it. I am pretty sure i even had this font for a while but dont have it at the time... and i dont remember the name ;( hopefully uteS will know, private message him, he is awesome at identifying fonts.
    1 matches comment dont think i dont still hate you all. :) thanks for having me!
    4 matches comment I can not locate the file under font...only can locate through search engene on the XP...and i dont know how to unzip either...please help

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