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    3 matches comment Anybody can Identify something similar???
    3 matches comment Do you think this is a slightly modified typeface or just a unquely lettered logo? I'm designing an invitation for this venue and wanted something -esque, but am having a TIME finding an appropriate font! THANKS!
    3 matches comment I have googled the web and I can't find the font from "The Little Mermaid", has anyone made this font, or know what it is called? If it hasn't been made can you please tell me of a similar font? ^^; Thank you.
    3 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10778 the little mermaid, disney
    1 matches comment does anyone know where i could get the "Walt Disney World" font? thanks -john
    1 matches comment It looks like a modified Rubens there are some free ones around under DIsney's names including a Ravenscroft
    1 matches comment As long as it's disney using it, and that they have their own typographic studio, and that the arrows are not on all letters, i'd say it's a hand made font. The 4 "E" are different
    2 matches comment ! Any ideas on this for something similar? I seem to be unable to post the image as an attachment. Here's a link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_faki7bAW2zg/StSWIeUBuJI/AAAAAAAAAfU/r4ACP60r9Vg/s1600-h/mermaid.poster.1.jpg Tiki Magic is dead on for most of it. Thanks so much! Ideas for the words "the" and "just"?
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15303 This font is based on the Disney movie Tangled

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