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    12 matches comment Another possibility is... use DIN for the whole thing! I don't think DIN 1451 is that heavy*** so you would need to add weight and cut the corners off for LIFE of course. *** Edit: or FF DIN which has loads of weights.
    2 matches comment I thought that my logo used DIN, but before I download it I was hoping that someone could help me. Once I found where to buy DIN, I noticed that maybe it wasn't DIN that I am looking for?!?!! Can someone please help me identify what font is "SALIVA"?
    2 matches comment Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone knows of a free alternative to the DIN font family? See an example here: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/fontfont/ff-din/ I already have PT Sans, but it's not close enough... Thanks!
    1 matches comment Try FF DIN / regular and light.
    2 matches comment Ivan, ever thought about the Din Black for YOUDEM and the Din Medium for tv?
    3 matches comment I thought it would be easy to recreate this, because I assumed it was a HelvBold Condensed, just tightening the kerning. The "K" and "W" are different and the X-Height is just a tiny bit off, I think. I tested Trade Gothic Condensed, DIN varieties, etc. I thought for sure it would have been posed here before, but couldn't find it in a search! Experts, what say you :-)?
    1 matches comment Hi, This Typeface is the DIN Fette Mittelschrift (according to DIN 1451): http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q="din+mittelschrift" The º looks compossed "o + _" and not a regular º see glyph tables ... Bye Bye
    2 matches comment ? " ff din " i need this font , thanks shafiquesaleemi@....com
    1 matches comment Hi, the sans serif could be a "Fette Engschrift nach DIN 1451" (fat narrow typeface according to german standardisation organisations (DIN) standard DIN 1451). http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=Engschrift http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Open+Din+Schriften+Engschrift?content=107153 Bye bye
    2 matches comment ? Hi, I'm a design student replicating a magazine page for a class exercise. I need to find a FREE typeface similar to FF DIN. I'm a student so cannot afford to pay for the actual commercial one. Something similar and free would be great.

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    PF Din Mono Light
    PF Din Stencil Light
    PF Din Mono Light Italic
    FF DIN Light
    FF DIN Condensed Light
    FF DIN Light Italic
    PF Din Display Pro Light
    PF Din Text Arabic Light
    PF Din Text Pro Light
    FF DIN Round Light
    PF Din Display Pro Light Italic
    PF Din Text Pro Light Italic
    FF DIN Condensed Light Italic
    FF DIN Offc Light Set
    PF Din Text Comp Pro Light
    PF Din Text Cond Pro Light
    FF DIN Round Offc Light
    DIN Next™ Light
    DIN Next™ Light Italic
    PF Din Text Comp Pro Light Italic
    PF Din Text Cond Pro Light Italic
    FF DIN Offc Condensed Light Set
    Engschrift DIN 1422 Engschrift DIN 1421 (D)
    DIN Next™ Arabic Light
    DIN Next™ Condensed Light
    DIN Next™ Cyrillic Light
    DIN Next™ Devanagari Light
    DIN 30640 Neuzeit Grotesk® Light
    DIN Next™ Condensed Ultra Light
    DIN Next™ Cyrillic Light Italic
    DIN 16 Font
    DIN Condensed
    Normalise Din MN
    DIN Next™ Rounded Light
    DIN Neuzeit® Grotesk Light
    DIN Next™ Ultra Light
    PF Din Mono Bold
    PF Din Mono Italic
    PF Din Mono Medium
    PF Din Mono Regular
    PF Din Mono Thin
    PF Din Mono XThin
    PF Din Stencil Black
    PF Din Stencil Bold
    PF Din Stencil Hairline
    PF Din Stencil Medium
    PF Din Stencil Regular
    PF Din Stencil Thin
    DIN Next™ Ultra Light Italic
    PF Din Mono Bold Italic
    PF Din Mono Medium Italic
    PF Din Mono Thin Italic
    PF Din Mono XThin Italic
    PF Din Stencil Extra Thin
    Fette Mittelschrift DIN 1451 (D)
    DIN 1451 EF Eng Alt
    DIN 1451 EF Eng Neu
    DIN 1451 EF Mittel Alt
    DIN 1451 EF Mittel Neu
    DIN Next Selection
    FF DIN Black
    FF DIN Bold
    FF DIN Collection
    FF DIN Medium
    FF DIN Regular
    FF DIN 1 Volume
    FF DIN 2 Volume
    PF Din Display Pro Black
    PF Din Display Pro Bold
    PF Din Display Pro Hairline
    PF Din Display Pro Italic
    PF Din Display Pro Medium
    PF Din Display Pro Regular
    PF Din Display Pro Thin
    PF Din Text Arabic Bold
    PF Din Text Arabic Hairline
    PF Din Text Arabic Medium
    PF Din Text Arabic Regular
    PF Din Text Arabic Thin
    PF Din Text Arabic XBlack
    PF Din Text Arabic XThin
    PF Din Text Pro Bold
    PF Din Text Pro Hairline
    PF Din Text Pro Italic
    PF Din Text Pro Medium
    PF Din Text Pro Regular
    PF Din Text Pro Thin
    EF DIN Mittel Volume
    Fette Engschrift DIN 1451 (D)
    SG DIN 17 SB Regular
    DIN 1451 MittelSchrift
    FF DIN Black Italic
    FF DIN Bold Italic
    FF DIN Condensed Bold
    FF DIN Condensed Medium
    FF DIN Condensed Regular
    FF DIN Medium Italic
    FF DIN Regular Italic
    FF DIN Condensed 1 Volume
    FF DIN Condensed 2 Volume

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