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    5 matches comment I want Hindi Stylish Fonts for DTP work. Help !
    2 matches comment uploaded image Does anyone know why this happens and what i need to do to fix this.
    1 matches comment down load Belphebe this is a font called belphebe and can be found on this website take a look at the pic and let me know. and the link to down load it is above [img:5d8c94a551]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/759.gif[/img:5d8c94a551] BiG:D Keep on fonting
    1 matches comment i'm looking for a font that could be used to evoke the image of india. Caliph could work but it's a bit arabic rather than hindi.
    1 matches comment Help- why is winzip taking so long to load?
    1 matches comment Hi, I have a Plotter Canon W6200 and I load often type of paper: photographic paper, common paper, adhesive paper.. But every time I load a new roll, it cut a piece. I see instructions but don't show the way to avoid it. Is there a way to avoid automatic cut at loading? Thanks __________________ Original gift ideas for every occasion! (idee regalo for italian language).
    2 matches comment I'm running OS X.4.11 . . . Where does one find "Suitcase"?? I like to have a happy system!! I think the font I was trying to find and load was "Hancock". I need to match up a logo . . . but that was way back last week and my memory is not as good as it once was - haha!
    1 matches comment Hi there font friend I see you like Solid Line is it NOX or Noxtious or something like that i think any way the font you need is called Yaren it took some time finding but hey i did it. Its made by iconian and a link to the page to down load it is below, take a look around the site its got some cool fonts and you can make up a new clan banner or such and not just settle for 04B cool font but limited. How I know so much is the secret of BiG LoL page to down load font iconian fonts home page BiG:cool:
    1 matches comment Sorry I cannot help you load your fonts. Good luck.
    1 matches comment just wondering i want a work right but all it comes up as is down load and all i want is a word not the words showing the design

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