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    9 matches comment Well, these 'boring plain' fonts are copyrighted work by professional designers. To design a font properly with hinting and kerning for the different point sizes, so that it gives a professional result when printed, is a very (read VERY) time consuming job. You are talking hundreds if not thousands of hours. Like most people who do a professional job they like to get paid for their work. The contrary is generally spoken true for the 'flashy Innovative' fonts. Made by amateurs, incomplete, no kerning pairs whatsoever and often based on other people's work, - took me less than an hour!! - SIC. Yes those are free. And rightfully so; mostly rubbish and not worth a dime. So bad luck Joe. But you could have known. Everyone knows that you have to save all your belongings - up to the last comma - before you allow Bill Gates cs to do anything at all on your machine. They think all computers are their's and can do whatever they like ...
    1 matches comment try the Dear Joe
    1 matches comment hello buddy how are you dear i read your comment it's great i like it dear i learn alot of things from your comment i hope everyone likes your post dear thanx for this information.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know of a free knock-off of "Regular Joe" font. The original costs 80 dollars!!
    1 matches comment A DearJoe variation. You are after DearJoe 4. Edit: If you need the font for non-profit use, also goto the designers site, goto fonts.
    2 matches comment Dear Koeikat, wow! Impressing. Good find. never thought that the font is available commercially. Dear Sweetfee, the awesome KKat leads you to the Rob Leuschke-font (thus the ROB) Twinkle Star. You can purchase it here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/gideon/twinkle-star/ For your interest: Rob Leuschke is a former Hallmark-Fontdesigner. Nice scriptfonts he has. Have fun. EDITED for typos.
    1 matches comment I think I can help a bit, I hope. I don't know what the first font is, and it feels like I should know it. If you ever find out or find a copy, I'd love it. Lowercase letters look a little like Marydale, but not very much, and caps are completely different. The second font is probably one of the thousands of vanity handwriting fonts out there. It's going to be very difficult to identify it, if you want an exact match. However[/i:bc7f43626b] , if you're just looking for the same kind of thing, you'll be fine with most vanity fonts based on women's handwriting; I've seen lots of similar-looking fonts, and have DLed a few, but I've forgotten where they came from. You should be able to check around in pretty much any archive, especially the lower-quality ones. The third font looks pretty similar to TCL Escuelera, except Escuelera has a lot of noise -- all those speckles around the letters -- and whatever version was used in your page has been cleaned up (if it was Escuelera to begin with, and the more I look the less sure I am). It could also be a weird obliqued (or possibly a genuinely italicised) version of Angelina. Another not-quite-right but close font is Dear Joe. I ran a sight-search, which came up with these possible fonts. They don't seem to be right, though, and half of them aren't available anyway; you may wish to run your own search, but I wouldn't count on it turning much up. The fourth font I haven't seen before, but I don't think you wanted to know about it anyway. Do you know what it is? The fifth font is a puzzler. There are a couple of commercial handwriting fonts that look very similar, but certainly aren't a family -- most of them come with certain packages of MSWord 2000+, and include fonts such as Murray and Pinafore. They're just generally a pain to identify. Here's the sight-search list; much good may it do you. Good luck with all of these. You certainly know how to pick tough ones! [edited:[/b:bc7f43626b] Because of fonts.com's frames, the sight-searches' links aren't correct. It'll only link you to the beginning of the process, and it's really not worth redoing. There wasn't anything too similar or useful.]
    1 matches comment Yes , you can search for pixel fonts and i think the closes would be "NOMINAL5" try to get that and use it at size "8" Thanks Joe
    1 matches comment Very good advices, dear KKat, although this HAS TO BE a shot in the blue sky. Another shot and 20 cents from me: Don't take common fonts, which are seen in 95% of all cases. Have a look at, for example, the library of Hoefler & Frere-Jones or the wonderful sans or serif-typefaces of the dutchtypelibrary.com. A unique company deserves a unique face. [OT] I'm out of office for two weeks, dear people. So I won't login not regularly. Have fun.
    2 matches comment Well, here you go dear swallow: If you are not careful you will learn something every day. My apologies for being careless. Should not happen.

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