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    6 matches comment anyone help please? the 'dazed & confused' logo font :) x
    3 matches comment Does anybody out there know the name of this font? I found it in an issue of Dazed & Confused. Thanks
    5 matches comment Ok.. HOW do I unzip.. (or is it sip..w/e) The font?!?!? I am CONFUSED!!!!!!!!:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: SOme one help?!?! PLEAS?!?!? Lots of love and confusedness, jEnnA
    6 matches comment Okay well here goes, hopefully someone can help me here. Recently using almost any application once in awhile only my question marks and apostrophe's have been changing into french accented e's. Right now they aren't. Now it isn't a virus, and my fonts are not corrupt and it isn't spyware either(I have reinstalled them all and cleaned my computer lots and lots of times and there was nothing) And this especially does this with web applications, word and msn messenger. It doesn't happen with just one font, but them all. Does anyone have any clues? Edit: I forgot to mention restarting the application makes the fonts work properly.
    1 matches comment Hellllp - I've been looking for this font for some time now :confused: :confused: :confused:
    3 matches comment I am a little confused, i am trying to download free font to use in microsoft word, calligraphy in particular...am i able to download anything from the site to use to type a letter for example?? Please help.
    1 matches comment I could I could... My page is ready again, with all the headlines, but I want to change my nick name on Internet... I'm so confused... Oh, you know everything about me now, I'm confused and boring! You don't need to answer it!
    2 matches comment Hi..This is a stupid question, i know, but i downloaded a font to my font folder and it let me use it but then i downloaded a different one and it wouldnt let me use it. What do i do? Oh, and can downloaded fonts be used on paint? Please help im so confused.
    1 matches comment Now, Edward, who is confused here? I get confused about your mix of threads about the same subject but beyond doubt you are confused about the font you want IDed. Three times the same question and three times you show us a different font. Yes, Edward they may seem the same to you but they are not. They are completely different. Your first request was correctly IDed by Ivan as the Bonzai (what else would we expect). Your second one, the thingie hidden behind good (?) old London fog is something completely different but may very well be the Deng Thick. And now you come up with a third one, different again, and still say it is the same font. Which clearly is not. So what is it you want Edward?
    1 matches comment ive already tried to find this font in lots of free fonts sites, and i still not found it. i tried to search in abstractfonts.com but didnt find too any1 can help me with this font? :confused: :confused: :confused: its a very used font, its the best small sizes font 4 me... [img:f70d60579d]http://www.toast.kit.net/wox.gif[/img:f70d60579d] thankz... its kinda small on the picture because thats how every1 use it

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