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    4 matches comment Hello, i am trying to find a free font cyrillic (russian) can anybody help please. Thanks in advance
    2 matches comment It occurs to me that when previewing the given typeface, there's no preview for cyrillic characters (if the font supports these) . For example, all my fonts: Red October (http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11840) or Research Remix (http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11570) has cyrillic characters. But they aren't displayed in full character map... Any thoughts?
    3 matches comment uploaded image Hi, it's might be an "american typewriter". This is not a typewriter (fixed width) font. This is a slap serif with rounded serifs. But the original has no serif at the left bottom of the small b. Or is this just a leave? The are a few versions around and they differ slightly. Btw: I like Caviar Dreams ... Bye Bye
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi! I just joined here and I'm very interested in clean, clear and sharp typewriter fonts. Does anyone know where I might get what was originally an IBM Selectric typewriter font known as Advocate or Scribe? (They're both the same font, only different pitches.) A free download would be a plus! I have searched for this but have never found it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
    1 matches comment They used P22 Typewriter but there are probably similar typewriter fonts around. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ihof/p22-typewriter/
    1 matches comment Thanks, but why it dosent support cyrillic ? The image text is cyrillic ...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13261 well, Alex still have to fix the site to preview FULL extended characters list, as we cannot see Cyrillic (pardon me, but it's Cyrillic not Russian)
    1 matches comment Well, that's why there are categories here. Category: Typewriter Font: Moms Typewriter Commercial Suggestion: FF Trixie Plain
    1 matches comment Alex (or anyone) - do you have any idea why when browsing my own Neogrey, the Cyrillic part is not visible, while the Gentium shows everything right. Of course, the both fonts are working correctly in Windows (not entirely sure about macs) displaying Cyrillic characters. Weird, eheh?
    1 matches comment ...without pics :D I can't find the magazine in which I've seen a beautiful, elegant, rounded typewriter font. Maybe it was the «How to spend it» magazine with the last Weekend FT. God knows. I tried to search on MyFonts and the only one similar to what I've seen is LTC Remington Typewriter (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lanston/ltc-remington-typewriter/) but it is not exactly what I'm looking for. It is too “squared”. The one I saw was more soft, even lighter, with slightly bigger balls as serifs. Could you suggest me something?

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    Courier Cyrillic Rough
    Courier Complete Cyrillic Volume
    Courier Rough Cyrillic Volume
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Zoom Book
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Zoom Light
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Book
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Light
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Volume
    Courier Cyrillic Rough Bold
    Courier LT Cyrillic Oblique
    Mono Condensed Cyrillic Complete Family Pack
    Courier Cyrillic Bold
    Courier Cyrillic Oblique
    Courier Cyrillic Regular
    Courier Cyrillic Volume
    Electric Typewriter
    Typewriter BasiX
    Courier Cyrillic Bold Oblique
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Book Oblique
    MonoCondensed Cyrillic Light Oblique
    Courier Cyrillic Regular
    Baltimore Typewriter
    Bulletin Typewriter
    Olivetti Typewriter
    P22 Typewriter
    Parma Typewriter NB
    Shadow Typewriter
    Standard Typewriter
    Typewriter Serial
    Uncle Typewriter
    Uncle Typewriter 2
    Underwood Typewriter
    Lucida Typewriter Volume
    Lucida Typewriter Volume
    Courier LT Cyrillic Bold Oblique
    American Typewriter Bold
    American Typewriter Cond
    American Typewriter Light
    American Typewriter Medium
    Smith-Typewriter Free
    Lucida Typewriter EF
    P22 Typewriter
    Mitigate Typewriter Regular
    1913 Typewriter Bold
    1913 Typewriter Italic
    1913 Typewriter Normal
    Baltimore Typewriter Bold
    Baltimore Typewriter Fractions
    Baltimore Typewriter Italic
    Baltimore Typewriter Keys
    Baltimore Typewriter Shadow
    Lucida Typewriter Std
    Olivetti Typewriter Bold
    Olivetti Typewriter Shadow
    Olivetti Typewriter Underscore
    Olivetti Typewriter Wide
    Parma Typewriter NB Bold
    Parma Typewriter NB Italic
    Standard Typewriter Condensed
    Standard Typewriter Underscore
    Typewriter Serial Bold
    Typewriter Serial Heavy
    Typewriter Serial Italic
    Typewriter Serial Light
    Typewriter Serial Medium
    Typewriter Serial Xbold
    Typewriter Serial Xlight
    Uncle Typewriter Box
    Uncle Typewriter Tape
    Underwood Typewriter Regular
    Underwood Typewriter Underscore
    Underwood Typewriter Underscore
    Courier Cyrillic Complete Family Pack
    Mitigate Typewriter Bold Regular
    Intellecta Typewriter
    Intellecta Typewriter 2
    Typewriter Regular
    American Typewriter Cond Bold
    American Typewriter Cond Light
    Smith-Typewriter Shadow Free
    Lucida Typewriter EF Bold
    Lucida Typewriter EF Oblique
    URW Typewriter Bold
    URW Typewriter Light
    URW Typewriter Medium
    URW Typewriter Regular
    Garnet Euro Typewriter
    LTC Remington Typewriter
    Remington Elite Typewriter
    Secret Service Typewriter RR
    Smith-Premier Typewriter
    Lucida® Sans Typewriter Oblique
    Lucida® Sans Typewriter Regular
    1913 Typewriter Bold Italic
    Baltimore Typewriter Small Caps
    Lucida Typewriter Std-Bold
    Lucida Typewriter Std-Obl
    Parma Typewriter NB Italic Bold
    Typewriter Serial Bold Italic
    Typewriter Serial Heavy Italic

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