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    15 matches comment Does anyone know this font? It's from the Monster Energy logo. It might be a custom logo, however. But I do believe I've seen this font somewhere... Thanks in advance, Sarsip
    6 matches comment Similar to dafont's feature. AF already has dynamic font preview that is based on the cookies which will not persist for other people. To make sure everyone see the same you can do: [url=http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769?text=CUSTOM]http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769?text=CUSTOM instead of http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769 to preset the dynamic preview to "CUSTOM"
    4 matches comment I don't recognize it, and the red arrow leads me to believe it may be custom.
    7 matches comment I know this isn't an actual font, this was designed specifically for the team, but I'm just looking for something as close as possible. Specifically, I'm looking for something with the triangular, pointed serifs on the letters and the serifs extending from the middle of the "X"
    5 matches comment ? Does this appear as any particular typeface to anyone out there? Thanks.
    4 matches comment ? Hey guys can anyone help me finding this font?
    1 matches comment i know its an old post, but i will answer for the google searchers like me :) gahtering info from http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.fonts/2006-06/msg00002.html "this is my very humble opinion, and a correct answer (for screen purpose only) could be: Part 1: FON to BDF Convertion. For example, using the Macromedia Fontographer ver.4.1 (Windows 98, not XP!): - File->New Font, - File->Import->Bitmaps... (a_font.fon), - File->Generate Font Files... (output bitmap font format: BDF), - Rename "untitled.YY" to "a_font.bdf", - Remember the values followed after the keyword "FONTBOUNDINGBOX" in a_font.bdf - the font's WIDTH, HEIGHT, LEFT, BOTTOM (for example: 8 12 0 -2), - Replace all "SWIDTH 0 0" and "SWIDTH 1000 0" values with "SWIDTH 0", where WIDTH1 = WIDTH * 1000 / HEIGHT (for example: "SWIDTH 667 0"). Part 2: BDF to TTF Convertion (Using FontLab Studio 5). - File->New, - File->Font Info->Names and Copyright->Full Name: a_font, - File->Font Info->Metrics and Dimensions: Set "Font's UPM size" to HEIGHT*100, scaling glyphs (1200), - File->Import->Bitmap Font... (a_font.bdf), - Edit->Select All, - Tools->Background->Trace Pixels, - (If needed) Select the "space" cell, execute: Glyph->Create Glyphs and Tools->Action->Metrics->Set width: (667), - File->Font Info->Metrics and Dimensions: adjust the values according to the "Font's UPM size", for example (assume "UPM size" = 1200): [Key dimensions] Ascender = 900 Descender = -200 Caps height = 900 x height = 600 Check "Font is monospaced" if needed .... [TrueType-specific metrics] : "Set custom values" : Typo Ascender = 900 Typo Descender = -200 Typo Line Gap = 0 WinAscent = 1000 WinDescent = -200 .... - File->Generate Font: a_font.ttf My best wishes to all Ladies :) Thank You. Vadim. " Marcelo Aue
    2 matches comment If in doubt you can always look at the copyright info in the metrics data.
    1 matches comment Alex, you mean the one that also ... zip ... glyph ... metrics ... editable props and so?
    1 matches comment This info should be in the metrics data. If you can't find it, what font(s) are you talking about?

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