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    2 matches comment The first one I found is 5x5 dots. [img:7bd1a94b7f]http://thebronx.myweb.nl/images/5x5dots.gif[/img:7bd1a94b7f] But I think it is far from ideal, all letters having the same hight. Why not name a font that you think would be the best if it only were in dots? Then I'll make you the font. When I was young and ignoranent we learned the shape of the letters with the help of letters cut out of sandpaper glued on pieces of board. Amazing that I can still remember this.
    3 matches comment Any idea what this font name is? Thanks for any ideas.
    2 matches comment Thanks guys! Cool Dots is a great one and pretty close to exactly what I was looking for!!!
    1 matches comment I downloaded the Pak Nastaleeq (Beta Version) font from this site: http://www.nlauit.gov.pk/downloads.htm It is a Windows TrueType font. The problem I have with this font is that while it installs on my computer, the letters do not connect. Is there any way (software, etc.) to get this font to work properly (have the letters connect)? I am using Mac OS X 10.4.8. If this is the wrong place to post this, could you point me to the correct place? Thank you.
    3 matches comment Anybody know the name of this font? Thanks!
    2 matches comment view details for free font #6938 really? even in the character map previews, many of the letters have the dots sticking to each other... that's bad in my books. i think, once again, bigger is better...
    2 matches comment Hello there koeiekat.. I appreciate the help! if you do come across a link to contact him that would be great. I have been trying for awhile now and also come across dead links. The phone number doesn't seem to connect from here even using the US area codes. Thanks X
    1 matches comment all I see are dots.... Do I need to change my settings? (Thanks!)
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12106 A very starry font, with dots as stars.
    1 matches comment no worries kat, im for healthy competition... yea, pixel fonts are just that, there is only a limited possible combination of the dots that you can come up with. So if you want a particular pizel font, chances are it is already out there.

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