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    18 matches comment view details for free font #11670 hi, i want to use font planet estyle (id:11670) in my website, but i couldn't make it run, please help me, this is the css code for declare font: @font-face {font-family: "Planet Estyle"; src: url(mydomain/css/PLANE___.TTF) format("truetype"); } thanks for any tip franklin
    10 matches comment First posting - you said: "I'm looking for the font that they use on their website ...." Second posting - you say: "I was after the lettering of the name "good charlotte" on their website not the font Tempus Sans. " I'm not a native english speaker - what's the difference? Do you search for the font with which the words "good charlotte" and many other words (i.e. on the navigation bar) are written or don't you? You see, I sometimes like to be a little bit sarcastic, i.e. when people think that music-lovers are fontaholics at the same time and vice versa. :) The other day my search engine brought me to the website of www.goodcharlotte.com, there I had a look on the letters on the start-screen and saw, they were written with the font "Tempus Sans ITC". Today I looked a little bit closer, say next page, and I saw, there are two fonts more used, a red one and a multicoloured one. Unfortunately, you didn't say which one you like most... ;) CU
    1 matches comment Hi folks, Can anyone please help and tell me what font is used in the image provided...??? Here is the web address also that I found the font being used: http://www.kathymarks.com/ The font i am looking to find what it is, is the title; just before the main paragraphs (as seen in attached image). For web css it has a h1 class titled - "title" but I cannot find it as they have ALOT of stylesheets! Going crazy! lol Your help would be great! Thanks in advance! OsirisJacko
    1 matches comment Charlotte Sans.
    6 matches comment greek week is Crown Title. For 2008 shop around in the sports dept.
    3 matches comment Hey, I'm making a title for a video we're making and I want to bite the intro from the big lebowski, I found the font for big, but the other one, the and lebowski, is proving quite difficult. If anyone knows what it is, or at least what category to look in that would be awesome. Thanks, Justin
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14719 And, to complete the series, the Title.
    1 matches comment Charlotte 4
    3 matches comment uploaded image Author and title.
    1 matches comment I am a beginner web deigner. Home use only. I am trying to make a web page for my sister to announce her new baby to the family. My Probel is that I don't know what to do to get a sertain font to show on the site..... can anyone please help. Thank you!!! Toni

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