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    1 matches comment Century Gothic
    8 matches comment Hi looking for this font looks simislar to many gothic, blackletter, oldeglish fonts but has script tyoe swirls. please help
    1 matches comment Century Gothic. Slightly condensed.
    3 matches comment This is Futura, if I'm not mistaken ...or Century Gothic.
    1 matches comment This looks like Century Gothic with some photoshop-filtering ?
    2 matches comment At first glance, it looks like it could be Century Gothic.
    2 matches comment Hello, I am currently looking for two types of fonts. Any help will be appriciated. New Century school block-bold, and Franklin Gothic-Condensed.:(
    6 matches comment Hi Does anyone know of a place where I can download this font for free? I'm sure I downloaded from Abstract fonts some time ago but I can't find it. Thanks
    1 matches comment i really like this font. that's all.
    2 matches comment First of all: Always define a subject, because it is difficult to open this fred without it. For the "W" try a Futura or Twentieth Century. The subline could be Akzidenz Grotesk or News Gothic. Too small for me.

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