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    31 matches comment I've just tried to download, install and validate a font for Mac OSX - and it simply won't work. Any ideas?
    30 matches comment Hi, I run Dirt2.com (my fonts are available here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/designer/412/Dirt2) I have a problem with operating systems though, I can't figure out how to make some fonts work on Mac. I use FontLab and FontCreator and there's two fonts in particular that will not work on Mac. When you save fonts in FontCreator they don't seem to work in Mac for me, I don't understand why but I tried exporting the font in Fontlab and it has worked for some fonts. The fonts I am trying to work with are: http://dirt2.com/2009/06/juicy-hunt/ http://dirt2.com/2009/04/st-andrew/ Any help is appreciated. Andrew2
    7 matches comment Download any AbstractFonts you like. Download TransType from the internet. I don't remember the website; do a search. With that software, you can convert PC fonts to Mac. They are TruType fonts and I don't know how reliable they are when they go to press, but you can always outline them in Illustrator. Good luck. It was a life saver for me. ;)
    7 matches comment http://fractionfonts.com - free demo available. Tried to upload it but this website works very poorly.
    3 matches comment I'm looking for a freeware celtic font similar to Valhalla or Ale and Wenches. Those 2 fonts are beautiful but do not support lower case or upper case or both look the same. Would be really happy if someone could help.
    4 matches comment Hi again just wanting a little advice... I bought futura family for mac a while ago, but my mac changed abodes and atm im working on the pc, i tried to transfer fonts over and most of them went ok. I really need the futuraTlig but I don't want to pay for it again. any suggestions? I was going to draw it out again and save it to ttf but I can't get hold of a trial for fontographer that enables this. I'm a lowly student atm so expensive software is a no go :/ Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
    4 matches comment Something I set up years ago and now want to update, but I can't remember for the life of me what the font was - it's rather like one by Nick Curtis called "Oaken Bucket" but not quite. This situation is bound to occur once in a while if you love fonts and have purchased thousands of them over the years.
    3 matches comment I'm sure Big Brother will give you an overwhelming answer ... ask for uncial, unciaal and celtic plus font
    1 matches comment Hi! I know that you have some Viking fonts on this webstie like Troll, Viking-Normal, Valhalla, and other Futhark fonts. But I was wondering if you had any other Viking Fonts. Celtic Fonts would be good too! I have downloaded all of them though in the Celtic section. Thanks so much!
    3 matches comment Hi, I am trying to take an unpublished manuscript that I have rights to and print out pages to be bound (the book will be a gift). A lovely local printer gave me instructions to format w/ 1 1/8" margins and use Helvetica narrow and he will send the pages off to be bound as a proper book. However I am on a Mac and it doesn't offer Helvetica narrow. As the purpose of the narrow was to keep the work legible while keeping the number of pages the same / manageable for binding (it's in 12 point TNR now) I am wondering if Helvetica CV, which I do have on my Mac, would work. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance to the experts who donate their time to help the totally inexperienced, e.g. me.

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