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    14 matches comment is there such a thing?
    10 matches comment ? I need one with at least one character of a syringe (as in a shot) much appreciated
    3 matches comment I'm looking for a freeware celtic font similar to Valhalla or Ale and Wenches. Those 2 fonts are beautiful but do not support lower case or upper case or both look the same. Would be really happy if someone could help.
    1 matches comment I've seen a dingbat which has brain image in it... but i forgot the name of the dingbat.. can anyone help me?
    6 matches comment [quote]@koeiekat:Just wondering why you deleted your first post that started this thread ... and ... a bat is not a font ... thus ... font?[/quote] yeah, but i've upload a figure whit the dingbat i've create, but soon the pics was distorted, and then i delete it. do you want that i upload the pics? why it's so important for you, and if you want to know, my bat it's not ready in this moment.
    4 matches comment Something I set up years ago and now want to update, but I can't remember for the life of me what the font was - it's rather like one by Nick Curtis called "Oaken Bucket" but not quite. This situation is bound to occur once in a while if you love fonts and have purchased thousands of them over the years.
    1 matches comment It looks like a dingbat or printer's ornament, perhaps a Victorian dingbat or fleuron.
    3 matches comment I'm sure Big Brother will give you an overwhelming answer ... ask for uncial, unciaal and celtic plus font
    1 matches comment Hi! I know that you have some Viking fonts on this webstie like Troll, Viking-Normal, Valhalla, and other Futhark fonts. But I was wondering if you had any other Viking Fonts. Celtic Fonts would be good too! I have downloaded all of them though in the Celtic section. Thanks so much!
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    Altemus Crosses Regular
    Altemus Devices Set
    Altemus Cuts One
    Altemus Cuts Set
    Celtic MN Bold
    Celtic MN Regular
    Cross Ornaments
    Cross Stitch
    Celtic Astrologer
    Celtic Beasts-BA
    Celtic Borders
    Celtic Initials
    Celtic Knots
    Celtic Knots 12 B
    Celtic Knots 12 G
    Celtic Knots 3 D
    Celtic Knots-BA
    Celtic Ornaments BA
    Cross Stitch Basic
    Celtic MN Regular Italic
    Celtic BA Knots
    Celtic-BA Volume
    Celtic Value Package
    Cross Stitch Brazen
    Cross Stitch Carefree
    Cross Stitch Classic
    Cross Stitch Coarse
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Cross Stitch Delicate
    Cross Stitch Discreet
    Cross Stitch Elaborate
    Cross Stitch Formal
    Cross Stitch Gothic
    Cross Stitch Graceful
    Cross Stitch Majestic
    Cross Stitch Medieval
    Cross Stitch Monogram
    Cross Stitch Noble
    Cross Stitch Simple
    Cross Stitch Solid
    Cross Stitch Splendid
    Celtic Knots Filled
    Celtic Knots Inverse
    Celtic Bold
    Celtic Italic
    Celtic Regular
    Celtic Volume
    RM Celtic Regular
    Celtic Garamond Pro
    Celtic Lion AOE
    Celtic BA Ornaments
    Cross Stitch Regular
    Cross Stitch Diamond Monogram
    Slavica Cross
    Celtic Lion AOE Bold
    Celtic Lion AOE Italic
    Celtic BA Regular
    Warmer Cross
    Celtic BA Beasts
    Diago Cross
    Warmer Cross
    Double Cross Dingbats
    Double Cross Dingbats
    Creighton Medium
    Shamus Bold
    Shamus Light
    Shamus Medium
    Celtic Lion AOE Bold Italic
    Cross Stitch Gothic
    Cross Stitch Noble
    Cross Ornaments
    Cross Stitch Basic
    Cross Stitch Brazen
    Cross Stitch Coarse
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Cross Stitch Delicate
    Cross Stitch Formal
    Cross Stitch Monogram
    Cross Stitch Simple
    Cross Stitch Solid
    Cross Stitch Splendid
    DS Celtic Astrology Symbols
    Right Height Cross Outs
    Shamus Complete Family Pack
    Cross Stitch Diamond Monogram
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Eight
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Five
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Four
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Nine
    Ann's Cross Scrolls One
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Seven
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Six
    Ann's Cross Scrolls Three

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