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    4 matches comment I checked and learned that Burger King is not handing out Whoppers for free. I also learned that General Motores made it clear that cars have to be paid for. Even Microsoft made clear that Vista is not a freebee. So, if you want the Caslon - which one? - ... go here or there. On how to use the Caslon (once you bought it); RTFRMF or help ...
    4 matches comment The February 9&16, 2009 issue of the New Yorker (Eustace Tilley cover), in commenting on the death of John Updike, states, "he never tired of seeing his prose in Caslon type", apparently meaning the font used in the New Yorker magazine. What font would that be? Basic Caslon 540? One identfying feature is the low hanging capital J.
    1 matches comment Hello! I want reverse italics (you know how when you do italics it adjust the weighting to the right, well I want to adjust it to the left) for Calibri. Please provide. Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: I'm using Office 2007 SP1
    1 matches comment The italics are not really italics, just oblique roman, and while I hope to find the correct version even jst the name would cut the deal for this client of mine. Can you name it? Grazie mille!
    1 matches comment Caslon No540 Swash
    1 matches comment it is a combination of Caslon 540 Italic and Caslon 540 Swash Italic.
    2 matches comment The lower case is the Polonaise Bold. The capitals are the Caslon 540Swash, fancied up a bit.
    2 matches comment Hi, the closed approximation should be something like a Caslon Openface with faked SmallCaps. http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/caslon-open-face/ See also BD engraved: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11967 Bye Bye
    2 matches comment Hello. This is the font used in "Wallpaper" for their main articles: http://home21.inet.tele.dk/doggy82/wall.gif Looks like Caslon - exept for the ligature. Anybody know the name of this font? Maby some kind of Caslon ligature ad-on? Thank you! :D
    1 matches comment Caslon italic with alternate swashes is close as revealed in this thread.

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