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    2 matches comment Originally known as Candice.
    1 matches comment It's a commercial font, Candice. See here: :) ute
    1 matches comment Candice. But please follow the forum rules and provide always a sample image.
    1 matches comment Hi you might be able to start out with a Team Spirit for the "earl" the P seems to be designed and inspiered on Candice
    1 matches comment Candice
    1 matches comment Search for "Banana Split" aka "Candice" Good luck.
    1 matches comment This font is similar to Candice, but looks cleaner. Anybody know what it is?
    1 matches comment No Peter, if it were that easy ... look at the top of the a. Non of the letters match the Candice. not even the l. The S certainly has been modified but even ignoring the S there seems to be no proper match. mainly because of the inconsistency between the a and l. Again, compare the tops. End of lecture :) The search goes on ...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #9920 Candice: Not the Scriptina-ZIP is password-protected but your systemfolder. So the only one who knows the password is you (or the people who installled the system on your PC) Unzip the file to your desktop (instead of the systemfolder) and you'll see the real font.

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