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    1 matches comment I'd really appreciate any help in identifying the name of this font (the one that says 'FUSION'). Any help is much appreciated!
    1 matches comment shoesorder259 has been banned. [mod]
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16430 Dissolute is a typographical experiment, fusion of two sans fonts with different weights, for which I used my previous Typefaces: Tabarra Black & Light. • Only for personal use. • Numbers in my web. • Commercial version available with Italics: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2a6
    1 matches comment If you can find any of theese I would be grateful [img:89440699fc]http://www.guitarcenter.com-interview-markhoppus-markhoppus_cd.jpg[/img:89440699fc] [img:89440699fc]http://www.uk-fusion.com/mainimages/blink182_dvd.jpg[/img:89440699fc] [img:89440699fc]http://www.angelfire.com/music2/3Dblink/dammit2.gif[/img:89440699fc] [img:89440699fc]http://www.sweconpos.com/posters/blink.jpg[/img:89440699fc] [img:89440699fc]http://musicmoz.org/img/editors/curcio/bcr.jpg[/img:89440699fc]
    1 matches comment Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but it must be worth a try. I have a bizarre font request. Purely for personal fun, I’m interested in a sans-serif futhorc (Anglo-Saxon runes) set evolved to resemble the Japanese kana (either katakana or hiragana), while still identifiable as futhorc. Preferably matching the dimensions and weight of simplified Chinese characters in another font (I expect creating your own hanzi font would be much too time-consuming). I keep some private notes in a mixed runic/hanzi script, and a font like this would be amazing to see, but perhaps challenging to produce. I would be willing to make a donation in return for such a font (only a small one, though), and I would use it a lot and enjoy it. If this sounds like an interesting project, give it a try.
    1 matches comment Bonjour à tous. Mon dos douleur n'a pas répondu à tous les types classiques de traitement, y compris la physiothérapie et chiro. Il a été en cours depuis plus de 5 ans et est gravement obstacle à ma qualité de vie. Le problème est que l'IRM et de TDM rien et montrent les radiographies. J'ai entendu dire que la chirurgie peut être nécessaire quand un patient ne répond pas à la thérapie physique (à peu près ma situation). J'ai tout essayé et rien n'a fonctionné! Je veux obtenir une fusion vertébrale ou quelque chose. Quelles sont les pensées de votre mec?

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