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    1 matches comment view details for free font #13709 i just resubmitted it to dafont, even tho it was right already. and yes, I did to the copyright fields etc. bla bla bla. can you update?
    1 matches comment End User Suggestion: simply put...the words "HOW TO"...or HELP.....I surely don't want to spend the next three days searching through a FORUM for Bla Bla Bla...lets get to the point and move on!!
    1 matches comment Scotland Football Shirt here. http://www.bla bla bla Link removed. Spam from a Chinese counterfeit shirts seller.
    3 matches comment uploaded image I used this font in my logo for a long time but when I reformatted my computer I can no longer find it as an option. Anyone know what it is? I remember once mistaking it as Blippo, but Blippo doesn't have tails on the "h" and "n"...
    2 matches comment I've been looking for this font for a while. I have it mislabeled as "Blippo Light SF" but I haven't seen it in any Blippo family I've come across. I wonder if it might bea misnamed clone? Thanks for the help!
    1 matches comment Hey there- There's a marginal possibility that this exists as an actual font, but in my opinion it's far more likely that the designer has used a font like Blippo (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/blippo/) or something similar as a base for creating his own letterforms. In some ways these characters are very similar in style to Blippo, but the differences are obvious and significant, for example: the "E" is square; the "U" is squatter than Blippo's (although the creator of this logo may have use the lowercase "u" as an alternative); the "P" is squatter and more hooked; the last two pairs of characters are linked - something rarely implemented with a general-use font like Blippo. It's entirely likely that this logo was created (with considerable ease) using a vector-graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand. Naturally, if someone knows different, feel more than free to correct me!! Hope this helps you. -Tørnquist
    4 matches comment Anyone know the name of this font and where I might get it?
    2 matches comment My PC crashed recently and i lost a font that looks great on the website i'm building... I need the font - Blippo Light SF ...& how come it disappeared from microsoft windows when my PC crashed? Thanks
    1 matches comment I don't think this one was ever digitized. But one with the same characteristics and from the same time is the Blippo Black.
    1 matches comment Blippo Black.

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