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    6 matches comment Okay well here goes, hopefully someone can help me here. Recently using almost any application once in awhile only my question marks and apostrophe's have been changing into french accented e's. Right now they aren't. Now it isn't a virus, and my fonts are not corrupt and it isn't spyware either(I have reinstalled them all and cleaned my computer lots and lots of times and there was nothing) And this especially does this with web applications, word and msn messenger. It doesn't happen with just one font, but them all. Does anyone have any clues? Edit: I forgot to mention restarting the application makes the fonts work properly.
    4 matches comment All help appreciated - Midwinter
    1 matches comment Had a quick look at it but these are allways a bit of a problem. I don't think it is a script, rather handwriting and that takes a bit more time. But, who knows, I may find it. ... bit off topic here ...
    2 matches comment The sample is a bit small but I think I'd go for the Corporate S BQ-Medium. Yet may be wrong. Your p seems to be a bit rounder ... You don't have a better sample?
    1 matches comment I use the same font as the "Warrior Princess" bit for the "XENA" bit it looks a bit like it
    2 matches comment uploaded image I saw in the website the font similar used in the numbers, the name is Pump™ Triline, but the number 1 is a bit too different.Someone knows another font who would have the number 1 a bit more like the official jersey's? Thanks
    1 matches comment I got this one just a bit ago and I used Mainandra and squished it a bit...good enough for me! Thanks for your help...it is the other post that I am having trouble with now!! Nicole
    1 matches comment its called Stingray and can be found here at AF... its a bit more italisized and kerning is a bit wider but it can all be fixed if you have the right tools ;)
    1 matches comment The only thing I can think of that comes a bit - and that is a bit! - close is the Snow Blind. Where did you get this pict from?
    3 matches comment Dammit, I think that's it!!! (Although $199 is a bit steep...!) Thanks Ivan, and tophy52. Much appreciated.

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