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    1 matches comment I stared at this one and thought what's the name of that tree what's the name of that bird etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
    1 matches comment thanks for that explanation KK I thought the bird brain flew away for a moment...
    1 matches comment Tsja ... what is this all about ... camping tours? bird watching? wine? music? Pfft ... so sorry, no clue ...
    1 matches comment uploaded image I need a font or two that have a dingbat of an angel or bird wing and one of a bat or demon wing, they cannot be solid, outlined preffered and they cant be "dark flame/El&Font Gothic!" i know it's a lot to ask but i would be very grateful if someone could help me out. -much abliged, Jonathan
    1 matches comment Here is a site I found while looking for it. It only has 3 working characters. Small o being the hollow text Cap O the solid text & Lowercase b the little bird. NOT AN ACTUAL FONT! I have seen font like you are wanting, but I can't remember where I seen It. Sorry! If I find it I will let you know. http://www.geocities.com/cascadeorioles/font.html
    1 matches comment [quote]@Jeremy Bird:Umm I believe it was, I emailed the original creator and he thought it was something like "grid" but he could not remember.[/quote] grid ... greav ... almost the same, right? So it is a font indeed: GreatVengeance. Happy?
    1 matches comment Hi KKat, thanks for your kind words. I am terribly busy these days. I hardly find time to do all the things I want to do. BTW, the bird comes from the Ed Bengbats [img]http://www.houseind.com/include/getimage.php?id=825[/img]
    1 matches comment Well, nothing much to say after the dear KKat spoke the truth. But... But the Eagle is another close bird to the swallow. Well, if it weren't for the T and the apostrophe. And, yes, the KKat is right. Nothing to put a finger on it. UPDATE: There is the font City of. It's a lot cheaper... Haven't checked it, though, ...but maybe that helps for a while.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11986 Quote: "Collegiate by Keith Bates is a K-Type Freebie (2005), free to use and distribute. Collegiate is a full font based on the lettering around the mosaic tile badge at Liverpool Collegiate School: ww.keithbates.co.uk/collegiate A vector image of the mosaic badge is included at keystroke ± A vector Liver Bird is included at keystroke § www.k-type.com www.keithbates.co.uk When you have knowledge also cultivate wisdom"

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